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ERA Realty Network (APAC)

Central Singapore, Singapore

Company Description

ERA Realty Network 自1982年成立以来, 已成为新加坡最大的国际房地产代理机构, 业务遍及 10 个国家. ERA长期以来一直享有新加坡首选房地产品牌的美誉。作为高净值资产管理与服务业的领导者, 我们不断通过革命性举措来设定标准, 多年来, 我们处于数字化转型的前沿, 使我们能够在金融危机, 市场低迷和房地产法规的变化中保持坚不可摧的进化与进步. 我们将继续秉承创新和卓越服务的传统, 致力于打造更专业, 更值得信赖的房地产中介行业.

Matt (阿曼), 毕业于英国纽卡斯尔诺森比亚大学 (MBA硕士 专领导与金融) 和 爱尔兰国立大学 (BSc理学士 专工商管理与营销). 加入ERA前,Matt是亚太区域国际贸易公司任于行政懂事长。 Matt 也是现任的社区管理董事会成员,并指导了多项获奖活动和倡议。现任于 ERA Realty Network 的区域董事, 负责销售, 团队管理, 资产策划, 协助长期居留策略 和 协助法律事务. 提供:
1. 转售二手房产
2. 买家无需付中介费
3. VVIP优先观览新开盘项目
4. 开发商独家中介特价折扣, 限于本司独家客户
5. 协助付款计划, 财务策划, 国际汇款, 长期居留策略
6. 协助法律事务, 房屋调律, 遗产规划, 信托等等

We Are ERA
Since its establishment in 1982, ERA Singapore is proud to become the largest international real estate agency in Singapore with presence across 10 countries. We are the first real estate agency to be listed in the Singapore Exchange with a long-standing reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Singapore.
As a leader in high-net-worth asset management and services, we continue to set the standard through revolutionary initiatives that have allowed us to accumulate numerous accolades. Over the years, we have been at the forefront of digital transformation, allowing us to maintain an unbreakable evolution and progress through financial crises, market downturns and changes in real estate regulations.
We remain committed to upholding our tradition of innovation and service excellence and have pledged to build a more professional and trusted real estate agency industry.

Matt graduated from Newcastle Northumbria University (MBA Leadership & Finance) and National University of Ireland (BSc Business Admin & Marketing). Before joining ERA, Matt was the CEO of Asia Pacific Trading Corporation, he is also currently board member for Community Management & directed several awards winning events and initiatives. Currently the Division Director of ERA Realty Network in Singapore, Matt handles sales, team management, asset planning, long-term residency strategy and property legal affairs. Provides:
1. Re-Sale real estate
2. NO agent fees for buyers
3. VVIP priority viewing of new project
4. Developer's exclusive special pricing, limited to exclusive customers
5. Assist in disbursement, financial planning, remittance procedure, residency advisory
6. Assist in legal matters, housing adjustment, estate planning, trusts, etc.

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