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A Guide to Cambodia Retirement Visa for Foreigners


Dreaming of a stress-free retirement under swaying palm trees?  

Consider Cambodia, a Southeast Asian nation known for its rich culture, warm community, and incredibly low cost of living.

Cambodia offers a retirement visa program that allows seniors to reside in the country for a year, with extensions available.  

This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy their golden years in a tropical paradise.


1. Who Can Apply for Cambodia Retirement Visa?

  • Individuals who are at least 55 years old.

  • Individuals who are unemployed and have retired in their home countries.

If you are not eligible for retirement visa, Cambodia also offered some other visa options for you.

2. Benefits of Cambodia Retirement Visa

Cambodia retirement visa offers variety of advantages to improve foreign retirees’ staying experience in their country.  

  • Equal Rights as Locals 

Retirement visa holders enjoy the same rights as Cambodian residents. 

  • Own their Property 

Retirees can rent and buy property in Cambodia. For property buying, they are only allowed to purchase from the second floor and above.  

Discover the 3 main cities in Cambodia that foreigners love to invest in.

  • Own their Vehicle 

Not only properties, but retirement visa holders can also acquire and own a car in Cambodia. 

  • Extendable Residency 

Retirees are allowed to reside in Cambodia for 12 months. The residency can be extended further upon application. 

  • Easy Application Process 

The application process for a retirement visa is not tedious at all, which only requires minimal documentation.


3. Key Requirements to Apply

  • Passport 

Apply with an original passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Cambodia. 

  • Retirement Documentation 

Provide evidence of their retirement that verifies their retirement status in their home country.

For example, pension or social security documentation.  

  • Financial Proof 

Submit a bank statement or retirement fund statement that indicates their sufficient financial.

This is to ensure the retirees have adequate funds to support their retirement in Cambodia. 

  • Passport-sized Photos 

Include three recent passport-sized photos of the applicants with white backgrounds and neutral facial expressions. 


4. Steps to Apply Cambodia Retirement Visa

  1. Apply for a regular visa type (E-class, not for tourists) at a Cambodian embassy or consulate.
  2. Make sure to remark applicant’s interest of retirement in Cambodia in the ER Retirement Visa option. 
  3. Once arriving in Cambodia, head to the Immigration Department to convert the regular visa into a retirement visa (ER). 
  4. Fill out the retirement visa application form with all the correct information. Double-check everything before proceeding. 
  5. Pay the necessary processing fees and submit the completed application along with any supporting documents they require. 


5. Cambodia Retirement Visa Fees

A Cambodia Retirement Visa application fee costs $290, whereas each extension of Cambodia retirement visa (12 months) costs $275. 

Cambodia offers a unique cultural experience, warm hospitality and friendly smiles from locals, making you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

If you are considering cherishing your retirement life, Cambodia would definitely be one of the best countries in Southeast Asia, with the provided benefits. 

Start planning your dream retirement in Cambodia today!  


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