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The Best Places to Stay Around Paris for the 2024 Olympics


Paris Olympics 2024

As the anticipation for the 2024 Olympics in Paris reaches a fever pitch, one of the key considerations for visitors is accommodation. With the influx of tourists and athletes expected during this monumental event, finding suitable lodging can be a daunting task. Don't worry, we've made a shortcut for you!

Here is a list of the best places to stay in and around Paris during the Olympics, ensuring a memorable and comfortable experience.

Paris Olympics 2024


A mere 20-minute train ride from Paris transports visitors to the opulent splendor of Versailles. Home to the magnificent Palace of Versailles and a treasure trove of historical landmarks, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its exquisite dining options, charming ambiance, and world-class shopping opportunities, Versailles epitomizes French elegance and sophistication.

Paris Olympics 2024


Nestled just 2.8 kilometers from the iconic Stade de France, Saint-Ouen emerges as a prime accommodation option for Olympic enthusiasts. Its strategic location offers convenient access to major venues, making it an ideal choice for those eager to soak in the excitement of the games.

With a diverse range of accommodation options and relatively affordable prices compared to central Paris, Saint-Ouen promises both convenience and affordability.

Paris Olympics 2024


Located approximately 50 kilometers north of Paris, Chantilly beckons travelers with its unique blend of art, history, and horse racing. The stunning Château de Chantilly and its sprawling gardens provide a captivating backdrop for exploration, while the city's rich cultural heritage adds depth to the Olympic experience.

Paris Olympics 2024


For travelers seeking a more economical option without sacrificing convenience, Étampes presents itself as a compelling choice. Despite being located approximately 56 kilometers from downtown Paris, this charming city boasts excellent transportation links, including interprovincial trains (TER) and Île-de-France Express Trains (RER).

With lower accommodation costs and a rich historical backdrop dating back to Roman times, Étampes offers a delightful blend of affordability and cultural immersion.

Paris Olympics 2024


Nature enthusiasts and sports aficionados alike will find Rambouillet to be an enchanting retreat during the Olympics. Situated just 52 kilometers from central Paris, this picturesque region boasts breathtaking natural scenery and easy access to Olympic venues.

Moreover, Rambouillet will host Olympic events such as shooting, equestrian, and modern pentathlon, making it an ideal choice for those keen on experiencing the thrill of these competitions up close.

All in all, whether you love vibrant, bustling energy, or historical charms, a breath of nature's beauty or regal splendour, there's a perfect accommodation option near Paris for every traveller. Don't wait, pack your bags and book your perfect stay for an unforgettable journey!

Don't just stay in Paris for the Olympics—make it your permanent home! Inquire now to unlock a world of golden opportunities!

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