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4 scenic road trips to experience in Dubai


Looking to see the scenic side of Dubai but do not want to interact with a large group of strangers left to right? Well, mark your calendars for September and October, the ideal months for those who want a laid back holiday without the crowds.

PS; please check in advance if these attractions have reopened from COVID-19 closures before setting off!


Total driving hours from Dubai - 90 minutes

Looking for a quick getaway? Hatta is the place to be and it’s only 90 minutes away! With an interesting past, Hatta was once a Dubai enclave inside the Emirate of Sharjah.

Visit the Hatta Heritage Village and explore a variety of recreational facilities for all walks of life or have a pitstop to at Cafe Gazebo for lunch. Hatta is a popular escape from the scorching heat as the mountains create a cooler pad to hang, even in the hotter summer months. 

If you wish to make it an overnight stop, there is something for everyone to enjoy from camping to glamping in style.



Total driving hours from Dubai - 2 hours

If you are a seeker of adventures and heart-pounding adrenaline, Jebel Jais has the plan of action ready for take-off! 

While Jebel Jais is famously home to the world’s longest zip line, incredible Via Ferrata and the Jais Sky Maze, a drive along the windy mountains will reward you with some stunning panoramic views. 

The paved road has been extended all the way to the peak now and has a new viewing platform at the 1,934m summit of the UAE’s tallest peak.

Temperatures on Jebel Jais can be as much as 10 Celcius cooler than on the coast.  It is the perfect invite to a  summer drive!



Total driving hours from Dubai - 2.5 hours

The most stunning of all the drives, the Kahsab and Musandam drive is nicknamed the “Norway of Arabia” with stunning fjords dramatically meeting the sea,

Warning, this drive is not meant for the faint-hearted!

In the summer months, it is likely to be too hot to get out on the water near the Strait of Hormuz but there is a small fort and the harbour area to explore in Khasab. 

If you wish to truly take in everything this stunning region has to offer, an overnight stay is really essential.



Total driving hours from Dubai - 3.5 hours

Are mountains becoming a bore already? Change your scenery with a visit to Liwa Oasis Desert Drive. 

Arm yourself with a 4×4 vehicle of your choice to get the most out of this one as you will be taken deep into the empty quarter. During the summer months, the experience can be brutal for this excursion so best arranged in the cooler winter months.

But if you wish to feel the sun bearing down as you cruise Liwa, you are welcome to also try.

If you’re not so keen on pitching a tent, don’t worry as nearby you can find luxury resorts including Anantara Qasr al Sarab and Tilal Liwa.

Be it mountains or the deserts, we hope you, your family and friends have enjoyed this run through these scenic road trips in the UAE.


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