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4 reasons you need a real estate agent when buying property in Portugal


A real estate agent is someone who guides you throughout your journey while you are either buying or selling a piece of property. A real estate agent is the expert who manages every single stress you may encounter that is related to buying property from beginning to end.


Investing in the real estate market is not as easy as pie. You have to overcome a lot of hurdles to get your property. In Portugal, the real estate agent can accompany and guide you by taking all of the responsibilities in his/her hand when it comes to buying your property. A real estate agent always makes sure that the buyer receives the best deal.


For a buyer, the Portuguese real estate market and its legal processes can seem extremely unfavourable to navigate, especially when you don’t live in Portugal and cannot speak their language. The agent not only will help you in navigating but also in getting your desired property that fulfills all of your requirements. So, you can have a smooth ride by employing the help of a buyer’s agent. 


Let’s find out the reasons of why you need a real estate agent when buying property in Portugal.


Finding the right information


When you are a complete outsider and trying to buy land or property in Portugal, you need to have guts and strategy before the long run. In this path, you may find a lot of obstacles. Without experts’ help, you may end up buying a property in the wrong place, or you may have to deal with a lot of financial losses. An agent in this regard works like a guide cum well-wisher for a buyer. He/she will conduct the search for you if you appoint him/her to guide you. 


Agents are experts in the real estate market. They know the ins and outs of the properties, places, financial exposures, and more. You need to explain your requirements – for instance, the type of property you want, the reason for buying it, the atmosphere you dream for, etc. – and, they will do the rest for you by providing the right information. 



Ensuring legal checks


By getting help from a real estate agent in Portugal, you can avoid a lot of legal mistakes. Since they know the processes and what needs to be looked out for, they can help you in fulfilling all of the legal requirements regarding the purchase. They will make sure the work contract is fulfilled at any cost. 


You can run into difficult situations when it comes to buying a property – it can have multiple owners, it can have debt attached, there can be legal construction history, it may require planning permission; and you may not be aware of all these issues. Only a property expert or agent is aware of the reasons since they have an up-to-date database with them. 



Speaking the language and negotiating for you


Language seems to be a significant barrier in Portugal. So many Portuguese people cannot understand English apart from their native language. But, you need to be associated with builders, architects, and other people who will help you to realise your dream project, and it will be challenging for you if you cannot speak Portuguese.


An agent is a savior, and he/she will overcome this barrier for you. He/she will speak and negotiate on behalf of you to get you the best deal. Therefore, you should not worry about being overcharged.



Saving your money and time


As an agent will be showing you the right path, your precious time and money will be automatically saved while giving you a smooth ride. If you were doing all the work by yourself, you might have to make multiple journeys. This will end up causing you to waste a lot of energy and money. Having an agent who will directly work for you means you are going to have a peaceful time, getting a suitable property of your own.



You should take note that not all the updated information and Portugal’s real estate is out there online, and Google may help you in many things but not in everything. This country is different from other countries, having no central database for the property market. Working with a real estate agent will provide you access to more practical information and opportunities. 

This is why you should consider to hire a real estate agent to help simplify the whole process of buying and selling your property. In the meantime, we have a comprehensive set of listings in Portugal you can  survey to find out which could be the home of your dreams.

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