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A glance into the types of real estate in Cambodia


The economic development of Cambodia blessed the country with a significant number of foreign investments. Since the last decade, this country’s real estate market has witnessed a huge uplift where the renewal of laws and rules regarding foreign ownership has worked as a stepping stone for this sector and boosted the spirit of all the designated members involved in this industry. Today, brand new houses are being built every day in Cambodia and investors from different countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and more have started showing their interest while investing here.


In Cambodia, there are various categories of real estate. Let’s have a glance into the popular types of properties amongst them all. 


condominium house in cambodia



A condominium, or known as Condo, is a building or a compound with multiple buildings. It consists of individually owned apartments. Condominium units were the first legally approved housings for the foreigners to own after the enforcement of the 2010 Law on Providing Foreigners with Ownership Rights in Private Units of Co-owned Buildings. There are some conditions for the owners to follow while owning the condos.


Usually, high rise and mixed-use buildings are found in condominium complexes. People living in the condos have to share common facilities; such as – car parking, gyms, pools, and more.


villa housing in cambodia



A house that is seen standing alone referred to as a freestanding house or stand-alone house, and detached from the other places is a villa. This is a house that usually has an outdoor area or garden. Villas are very common housings in Cambodia, and they are used for multiple purposes whether to live or use commercially. New villas are being built every now and then where old colonial-era villas are also demandable. However, in recent times, some examples of knocking out the traditional villas have been observed in key districts like Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, etc. These old villas are being replaced to build modern designed villas.


Serviced Apartments housing in cambodia

Serviced Apartments


The apartment which is usually designed in Western-style and deals with all the aspects of a perfect property in comparison to other types of housings is called serviced apartments. These apartments vary in size, design, and style as per the location’s demand. The design of it is more appropriate for the renters mostly. These include gyms, a proper security system, pools, and laundry facilities in serviced apartments. With the foreigners entering this country for a long-term stay, the demand for such apartments are increasing since Western designed flats are in popular demand for most foreign nationals.


Traditional Khmer house cambodia

Traditional Khmer houses


Khmer houses in Cambodia resemble the traditional aspect of the country. These houses are originally made of wood, and if we look back, it was mainly built on stands to keep the homes safe from floods so that the necessary items of those affected families stay harmless. However, the emerging development of the real estate market in this country is bringing the need for renovation. As a result, most of the wooden houses in central areas are turned into housing on the grounds and without stilts. These houses are also being converted into tourism attractions by changing it into restaurants or food courts.


The districts prone to flooding are continuing the traditional structure of building houses on stilts.


Shophouses and Renovated Shophouses


The houses that are attached to the neighbouring houses sitting in a row and sharing a common wall are called Khmer-style shophouses. This type of house is still one of the most important properties found in the Kingdom. There is a standard size for this type of shophouses -- 4 meters by 16 meters (13 feet by 52 feet). They are two, three, or four floors high, and the layout seems long and narrow. The ground floor has access to the streets, which means if the family wants to open shop from their home on the ground floor, they are able to do so. The street access makes these houses different from the rest and high in demand.


About the renovated version of the shophouses, though they are of the same size, the difference is in the Western touch.


With so many different housing options to consider, Cambodia is the perfect country to live in. Find your dream home by taking a look at our comprehensive set of listings in Cambodia. 

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