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9 most popular real estate websites in Vietnam


With digitalization, the property investors’ nurturing in the real estate industry has changed a lot. Today, they have become smarter who take advantage of online to get information and choose their desired property while saving cost and time at the same time. This is only possible because of your finger's available websites found in a few taps and clicks.

If you are from Vietnam, check out the 9 most popular real estate websites below before investing in the property market.

1. Bat Dong San

Bat Dong San holds a reputable position as a real estate portal in Vietnam. You can find a plethora of information on their website that constantly is updated. The information is organized professionally. Apart from the real estate related issues, you are welcome to take guidance on the interior and exterior decoration, legal issues, architecture, and more. Also, both the versions of Vietnamese and English are provided to the audiences. 


2. IQI Vietnam

The reputation of IQI Global in the property market is, arguably, not unknown to anyone. Like the other country’s website, Vietnam’s version shows progress and settles in a good market position. The website is customer-friendly, and specific options of services are clearly well-regulated. It also is regularly updated on the industry’s demands.


3. Cafeland

Cafeland is another real estate site that holds major importance in a similar field in Vietnam. Their housing information is always very reliable. They provide not only housing information but also contemporary market research and news. Their portfolio section on the website is unique, which is to promote the key details.

4. Mua Ban Nha Dat

The online source worthy enough to blindly trust the real estate marketers is Mua Ban Nha Dat. With the friendly website layout, having the details of upcoming real estate projects, and quick market information, this website has the next level of popularity. Although they do not have an English user-friendly interface, with a few clicks, easy online solutions are provided to the marketers and brokers that make this source stand out. 


5. Savills

Savills is one of the leading companies of Vietnam and also a very prestigious one around the world. This company is successful in providing authentic information and data about the Vietnamese real estate market. If someone needs to get the latest market information, he/she can visit it without bringing any second thoughts to mind.


6. 123 Nha Dat

The spontaneous activeness and over 2 million real estate listings 123 Nha Dat is the market's favourite option for both the buyer and seller in the property market. Apart from providing accurate market information, what next after the purchase or if the house is lease-free in the category, the solutions or learning process will be on their site.


7. Vietnam Briefing

When it is about taking care of the legal issues, there would hardly be any preferable option than Vietnam Briefing. There is an insight into Vietnam regarding tax and investment-related procedure that paves the way for the investors to make a good decision on their website. 


8. Dia Oc Online

Dia Oc Online is a company that works on sustainable growth and property’s infrastructure at the same time. One can get consultancy on design, interior beautification, and feng shui on user preference. They have a different section of featured agents, which is very informative. 


9. Zita

Zita is the newest company in the field of real estate in Vietnam. Although it is new, it is grabbing attention from the people, setting itself different from its competitors. Its polished layout and the city view homepage video help it to shine bright. With good presentation skill and unique neighbourhood features to browse, it has taken baby steps to thrive on so many future opportunities.

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