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5 most Popular Areas with Real Estate for Sale in Australia



The noticeable growth in Australia’s real estate sector in recent years is no secret to the world. With growth comes opportunities, and this country’s property market is certainly on the right track due to their real estate for sale in popular areas.

Listed below are the five most popular areas with real estate for sale in Australia. Take a look!

1. Sydney


Properties in Sydney have been in demand amongst investors for years. Being a growing coastal city, a huge number of harbor-side and beach-side suburbs are found here.

The beautiful landscape, well-built transport system, and its thriving culture make it a valuable place to lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

Taking information from the data of, we have listed five popular areas with real estate sales in Sydney. They are –

  • North Epping: North Epping tops the list to be Sydney’s best suburb to invest. in 2020, the average rental yield of this place was 2.49%. It is located around 20 kilometers north-east of Sydney’s city center.

  • Bexley: With an average rental yield of 2.83%, Bexley is holding second place on the list.

  • North Avoca: Celebrated for its spectacular beaches, North Avoca holds third place after Bexley. It is located 65km east of Sydney’s CBD, and had an average rental yield of 3.07% in 2020.

  • Marsfield: Being fourth on the list, it is located around 16km northeast of Sydney's CBD. It is slightly more expensive to invest in.

  • Killara: Killara is another expensive suburb taking fifth place in the list. Its average rental yield is 2.34%.


2. Melbourne

Melbourne property

Melbourne's real estate sector is considered one of the best performing properties in Australia. Some of its suburbs successfully maintained consistency in making the strongest annual growth.

Again, from the data of, five top-ranked real estate for sale are listed here –

  • Tyabb: Known as the best of the best to invest in Melbourne, with a year-on-year change in the median sale price of 47% and the average yearly rental yield of 3.98%.

It is located 55 kilometers south of the CBD on the Mornington Peninsula, and is one of the cheapest places to invest in.

  • Collingwood: This place is holding second place with an average rental yield of 3.4%.

  • Hughesdale: The average rental yield is 2.46%. It is another considerable suburb to invest in, situated 15 kilometers Southeast of the CBD.

  • Box Hill South: Coming in next on the list, this place had a yearly rental yield of 2.38% in 2020.

  • Kensington: Kensington is in the top five in this list, which has an average rental yield of 3.03%.

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3. Queensland

Queensland property

Queensland has a prestigious position in Australia’s housing market.

According to data from CoreLogic, housing values in Brisbane even sidelined both Sydney and Melbourne. 2021 is going to be a blessed year for Queensland in terms of the property business.

From the data of REIQ, with records of high growth, the leading suburbs and regions real estate for sale to invest in regional Queensland are –

  • The Sunshine Coast of Minyama: It has a fine growth of +45.8%.
  • Townsville: Idalia is a rapidly expanding suburb of Townsville. It provides plenty of useful services and resources, and has a growth of +21.3%.
  • Cairns: Three of its suburbs, Palm Cove, Whitfield, and Clifton Beach, showed impressive growth respectively of +14.3 %, +13.1%, and +11.5%.


4. Western Australia

Western Australia is a state that occupies 32.9% of the western land of Australia, excluding external territories. Since 2019, its capital Perth shows tremendous progress, and is fighting strongly against its gradual decline in the last few years.

Perth now holds the highest ranking of any capital city when talking about buying a property at reasonable prices.


Beautiful sunrise over the city of Perth, Australia.

One of the standout performers in Western Australia is Melville. They have several suburbs with prominent buyer activities and recorded price growth.

As Melville is closer to the major east-west transport corridor linking Perth Airport to the Port of Fremantle, it is in the good books of enthusiastic buyers. Apart from that, some middle-market areas like Stirling and Joondalup also attract a good number of buyers.


5. South Australia

Torrensville is a suburb that is located on Kaurna land, two kilometers west of the center of Adelaide, Southern Australia. It is one of the markets that stands out among capital cities, with a steady price growth in the past years.

South Australia property

Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Although it is an underrated market in Australia, it does not fail to deliver good sales activity and above-average results on their property prices.

Around 65% of the suburbs in Adelaide have seen growth in their median house prices. It is found in market research that it will continue to show growth and attract buyers and investors in 2021 as well.

These 5 popular areas in Australia have immense investment potential for great returns.

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