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How to get a Thailand Investor Visa


thai investor visa

Thailand is considered one of the most potential power-houses in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of economic growth and development.

As one of the top Asian economic superpowers, Thailand is now boosting their economy by obtaining a significant number of foreign investors worldwide.

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How to apply for a Thailand Investor Visa:

There are some easy gateways to attain a Thai visa for the investors under the banner ‘Investment Visa Programme’. Foreigners can obtain a one-year Investment Visa by investing a minimum of 10 million Baht in the following:

  1. Buying condominium units of at least 10 Million Baht in new developments
  2. Buying Thai government or Thai state enterprise bonds worth at least 10 Million Baht
  3. Deposit the funds in a Fixed Deposit Account in a Thai scheduled bank

Foreign investors looking to apply for the Investment Visa programme are permitted to invest in a combination of assets at their discretion.

But the investors must not forget that Thai Investment Visas do not allow foreigners to work in Thailand. They must already hold a Non-Immigrant Visa. Furthermore, the most important trait is that the investments can only be made in new builds directly from a developer.

The Thai Investment Visa is mostly aimed at:

  • boosting the Thai economy
  • appealing to a relatively restricted field of potential applicants

This visa category is aimed squarely at wealthy middle-aged individuals looking to enjoy the relaxed and idyllic Thai lifestyle without the hassle of short-term visa runs.

Required documents:

Below-mentioned documents to be required for this sub-class:

1. Completed and signed visa application form
2. A non-immigrant visa
3. A fee of 2,000 Thai Baht (THB) for a single-entry visa and 5,000 THB for multiple entries
4. Passport or travel document with a validity of at least six months (and 18 months in case of an application for a one-year valid visa)
5. A recent photograph of the applicant (4 x 6 cm)
6. Documents in support of recent investment of at least 10 million THB in Thailand (e.g. Foreign Exchange Transfer Form, a bank statement or a Sale and Purchase Agreement)
7. A letter from the ‘Board of Investment’ authority of Thailand

In case of unavailing one of these documents, a letter from the applicant should explain the reasons clearly.

It is to be noted that all documents submitted must be translated into English (in this case, the documents should be notarized by a diplomatic or consular service) or into the Thai language.

Validity of Thai Investor Visa:

The investment visa is, in principle, only valid for 90 (ninety) days and has to be used within three (3) months after receiving the payment receipt.

A multiple re-entry visa is valid for one year and can, in any case, undergo extension as long as the investment is maintained.

Things to remember before lodging visa application:

The Royal Thai Immigration Commission processes all applications in this regard. Any suitable investor may apply on his/her own or may receive consultation from an investment lawyer before lodging a visa application.

Thai Immigration Bureau

Source: Expat Life in Thailand

Therefore, it is always recommended to consult with an investment lawyer to understand the process precisely, as some policy changes may occur in this post-pandemic era.

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