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What makes these countries so attractive to rich Asian Investors?


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Find out what countries are the top choices for rich Asian investors, and what makes them so irresistible.


Malaysia has been a top destination for Asian buyers to invest in the property market since 2002. From time to time, supportive initiatives are taken by the government of this country to improve business productivity while strengthening its economic performance. As a result, it has become an apple of the investors’ eyes.

  • Strategic location: Malaysia is at the crossroads of major sea routes connecting many parts of the world. With this being said, it becomes a great opportunity for investors to enter the country.
  • No difficulty in doing business: Starting a company in Malaysia requires easier procedures than in other countries.
  • Notable economic outlook: Malaysia has successfully built a solid base of economic stability with notable GDP growth over the past forty years. A peaceful political environment fuels the country’s economy to grow better with time.
  • Attractive housing prices: Malaysia is preferable to buy long-run homes, especially after the initiative of rent-to-own (RTO) homeownership solutions. Attractive prices are offered to buy the landed properties here, which is very lesser than its neighbouring countries. Moreover, young people are encouraged to buy properties with low-cost loans available for first-time homeowners.
  • Measures to tackle Covid-19: Although Covid-19 has affected the country’s real estate sector, the contemporary measures taken are commendable to cope up really well with the situation. Many developers engage the investors with satisfying digital marketing techniques (virtual reality to tour showrooms or destinations via the customer’s digital gadget). Hence, the track record says that Malaysia’s property market remained soft in 2020, and it is expected to do better with affordable housing in 2021.


 2. Singapore

Singapore is in the second position here since it is a popular location for foreign investments, especially for Asian buyers.

  • Geography: Geographically, Singapore is very close to China, one of the superpowers in the world, with a lot of trade links. So, investing in this country is predicted to bring prosperity.
  • Quality of living: Singapore is popular, being regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. Their low crime rates and forthright legal system make it stand out from the other countries.
  • Economic stability: The healthy and stable economic record of this country grabs the attention of Asian investors.
  • Relatively affordable house pricing: Pricing wise, the properties in Singapore are relatively affordable compared to cities like Hong Kong. Wealthy investors who seek good buys attract the pricing range of this country.
  • Measures to tackle Covid-19: Singapore has eased some rules to help property developers strike back from the pandemic loss. Time has been extended to allow the developers to complete their projects.


3. Vietnam

According to some property experts, Vietnam is becoming Asia’s latest property hub for foreign investors. Hence, this country holds the third position here in the list.

  • Growing economy: From the latest track records, Vietnam is now one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Showing remarkable resilience, GDP grew by 2.9 per cent (Source: The World Bank In Vietnam) in 2020, and it is expected to continue this growth in the coming years.
  • Comfortable housing prices: Housing prices in Vietnam are considered comfortable and affordable than other property hotspots favoured by China. Vietnam’s luxury apartments tend to seem like a cheaper option for wealthy investors. Due to that, the investments are going to grow.
  • Improved infrastructure: For the real estate investors outside Vietnam, its plan to upgrade its infrastructure (residential properties, schools, hospitals, and more) is a very positive factor. They will get ample opportunities to invest in.
  • Measures to tackle Covid-19: Vietnam is one of the first countries in the region that reopened its economy, managing to tackle Covid-19. Supply chain shift to Vietnam and V-shaped rebound of GDP growth the two significant measures to notice. This country has taken advantage of the US-China trade war and convinced the companies to move manufacturing from China to Vietnam.


4. The United Kingdom

Over the past years, interest from the Asia-Pacific region has increased towards the United Kingdom. As a result, it is one of the most desirable locations, especially with Asian investors.

  • A reliable asset: The UK property market offers foreign buyers stability. This means, even when the house prices will go up and down in the market, long term capital gains will be assured.
  • Property prices: The average house price across the UK has remained fairly well balanced since Brexit took place. Now the average house price is around £228,000, which is more expensive than anywhere else in the EU.
  • Measures to tackle Covid-19: All businesses, including the real estate industry, had to follow the government’s latest guidance for employers and businesses on Covid-19.  Safer working guidance has also been taken.


5. Australia

Australia is in the fifth position in this list as Asian buyers have been an essential part of the Australian property for several years.

  • Investment opportunities: Excellent investment opportunities of retaining, renting out, selling or living in the newly constructed dwelling are available for foreign nationals in Australia.
  • Easy travelling: Australia is not very far away from Asia. For example, it will take a total of over 9-hour flight duration from China.
  • Capitalizing on opportunities: Buyers are given the opportunity for bargain-hunting in hard-hit economies in Australia’s real estate market.
  • Measures to tackle Covid-19: Compared to other countries, Australia seems to have done very well in coping with Covid-19. Applying intelligent fiscal stimulus such as an infrastructure program is a commendable move for Australia. For this, it is supposed to become a preeminent destination in future.

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