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3 Ways How Singaporeans Buy Property in Malaysia


Singaporeans usually prefer buying properties from Malaysia due to their own limited properties - and Malaysia tops their list. Here's why!

Why are Singaporeans interested in Malaysian property?

The driving factor for Malaysian property is that different foreign property ownership limits govern different states in Malaysia. It is the only entry where foreigners can own land without having Malaysian citizenship to buy it on a freehold basis.

Apart from such common factors, specifically, Singaporeans are interested in buying Malaysian property because—

  • They can escape home loan restrictions in Singapore
  • They can buy more land for less money
  • Lower stamp duty in Malaysia


Buying property in Malaysia as a Singaporean

If you are a Singaporean citizen who owns an HDB flat, you can buy property in Malaysia by meeting your Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).


1. HDB flat

Housing and Development Board (HDB) manages public housing in Singapore. Initially, HDB flats were made as financially supported public housing for Singaporeans. With time and rising demand, the Design, Build, and HDB introduced the sell Scheme (DBSS). DBSS has interiors that match the quality of private housing.

So now, many flat types and layouts cater to various housing budgets. And, the purchase of HDB flats can be financially aided by the Central Provident Fund as previously.

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2. Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

To buy an HDB flat from HDB, developer, or the open market, you will need to meet the Minimum Occupation Period or MOP. The HDB MOP is the period of time that is necessary to live in your flat physically before you sell or rent it out or buy another private property.

The HDB MOP will start from the day you collect your keys, and it will not include the time when you will not be living in the flat in person. The duration of the MOP is usually five years, although it depends on how you purchased your flat, the flat type, and the date you applied for the flat.


3. What will you be able to purchase as a foreigner?

You will not be able to purchase the following as a foreigner –

  • Land reserved for Bumiputeras (Bumi lots)
  • Malay reserved land that can only be sold exclusively to Malays
  • Agricultural land (If the land is over 5 acres and will be used for commercial purposes, there can be exceptions)
  • Property with a valuation below RM 1 million

You will be able to own the kinds of property in Malaysia as a foreigner –

  • The lands that are used for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes, or simply those that are vacant
  • Almost any type of residential properties, condos, bungalows, terrace houses, semi-detached homes, or farmhouses

 Also, at present, there is no limit to the number of residential properties you can own.

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