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Interesting facts about Bangkok most people don't know!


Thailand has long been considered Asia's most exotic country. It is a nation with many beautiful attractions, a religious and cultural environment, and a low cost of living.

Thailand's honest and welcoming people are always eager to greet outsiders, making it a pleasant country as well as a tourism destination.

Aside from these well-known factors, what else do you not know about Thailand?


1. Thailand's capital's original name is more than 20 words.

Bangkok is Thailand's capital and largest city. It is often the first destination many tourists visit when they travel overseas. Surprisingly, the term "Bangkok" is only an acronym for the city's full name, which is...

The original name meaning is "The Immortals' Great City! The Emerald City of Eternity! The unbreakable sphere of happiness! The Heavenly Emperor's Imperial Capital! The World's Metropolis, endowed with nine diamonds!"


2. Valuable temples

Thailand's official religion is Buddhism, which is practised by 90 percent of the population, hence we can find monks in yellow robes and majestic temples everywhere.

The world's largest gold Buddha, weighing 5.5 tonnes and towering approximately 4 metres tall, can be seen at Wat Traimit in the centre of Bangkok.

Yes, this statue made of pure gold, worth more than $200 million!

Thailand's traditional temples usually have their unique meanings. The Golden Buddha Temple signifies "rich," so when people think of riches, they think of the Golden Buddha Temple.


3. Special treats

When visiting Thailand, you may not only enjoy magnificent beaches and low prices, you can also experience a diversity of insects. There are innumerable street sellers offering loads of insect treats in Bangkok, Thailand.

Yes, indeed! Bugs can be eaten!

You may eat centipedes, locusts, crickets, nymphs, and other unusual insects here. All the insects that you've never seen before, you can eat them here.

Eating bugs originated in destitute rural parts of northeastern Thailand, but it has spread across the Thai culture.
Because bugs are high in nutrients like proteins and amino acids, eating them is low in calories and acts as an antioxidant and a metabolism booster. As a result, they have become the most excellent option for a drink.

"Thailand is not only a must-visit travel destination for many Chinese people, it is also the preferred destination for Chinese citizens interested in purchasing property in other countries."

According to data supplied by Juwai IQI, Asia's leading property technology business, the most active group of foreign purchasers in the Thai property market comes from the Greater China area, accounting for 68 percent of all foreign buyer transactions.

The Thai government has taken specific crucial actions to assist the property market in renewing it. They have established a long-term resident visa in exchange for property investment of up to 10 million baht in total to purchase a Thai condominium. This policy is to entice foreign investors to settle in Thailand.

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