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Can I emigrate to Thailand by buying property?


Thailand is a non-immigrant country and buying a house in Thailand does not mean you can immigrate to Thailand. However, the Thai Government welcomes people from all over the world to come and live in Thailand for their retirement. It has introduced a pension scheme for foreigners who have reached the age of 50, and who have a deposit of RMB 160,000 in a bank or have proof of income, to apply for a pension visa to live in Thailand for a long time.

Foreigners under the age of 50 can still very easily stay in Thailand for long periods of time. Ordinary tourist visas allow for a single stay of 60 days in Thailand, with an extension of 30 days thereafter. For Chinese who live in Thailand for a long time and rarely leave the country, they can choose to study Thai or another language at a language school to obtain a one-year student visa with a tuition fee of about 5,000 RMB. If only a visa is required and no classes are attended, it is around RMB 2000.
As a result, Thailand's beautiful natural scenery and low prices have attracted more and more foreign investors and foreigners to settle and live here, and Thailand has various forms of visa policies that facilitate long-term residence in Thailand.

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