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Australian School Districts for Property Investment in Australia


More and more people are going to Australia to buy property, recently, the Sydney house price monitor found that by the school district housing boom, the Sydney house prices last year increased by 14.5 percent, including eight areas with better school district housing prices increased by more than 30 percent. The sales of Australian school district housing is so hot, the following is an introduction to some Australian school districts.


1. Epping - a popular area for Chinese
The area is easily accessible, well equipped, and surrounded by many prestigious schools including West Epping Public School, Epping Public Primary School, Eastwood Public School, Epping Boys High School, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University Parramatta Campus and many more. Macquarie is the 4th most employed school district after Sydney CBD, North Sydney, and Parramatta, with equally high-quality nurseries and kindergartens. With nearly 40,000 jobs and a growing number of jobs, Epping is a great area to buy school district housing, both for owner-occupancy and investment, with a minimum annual rental return of 5-6%.


2. Carlingford, Sydney
Carlingford is known for its education, with 7 elementary schools in the district; the worst, Carlingford public, is ranked 188 in the NW, better than many of the district's best schools; Carlingford West PS is in the top 5 public elementary schools. Another public school, Murray Farm PS, is ranked in the top 10 of the NSW public schools, Carlingford High School has made a huge leap in the last 2 years and has stabilized at #4 in the public non-elite category, while James Ruse is the #1 elite school in Australia for over 10 years. The other public school, Cumberland High School, is ranked around 150-200 out of 1,000 secondary schools. The Epping-Parramatta line will be built in 2011-2017 and when the train opens, there will be only 2 stops from Carlingford to Macquarie University and 3 to Western Sydney University.


3. Macquarie Park, North West Sydney
Known as Sydney's Silicon Valley, Macquarie Park is only a 10-minute walk from Macquarie University and is Sydney's high-tech city with a high employment rate. Macquarie University is one of Australia's largest universities, covering 126 hectares of land, and Macquarie Park is also home to a number of primary and secondary schools, including Epping Boys School, a public boys' secondary school in Eastwood, Kent Road Public School and Eastwood Heights Public School, and St Anthony's School, a Catholic primary school in Marsfield, Macquarie Park is close to the famous Macquarie University, and is home to the Australian headquarters of many leading international companies. The Epping to Chatswood train line, which officially opened in 2008, has a Macquarie Park station, which takes 12 minutes to Chatswood and 17 minutes to Sydney CBD.


House prices in Sydney's 8 good school districts have risen by more than 30%

House prices rise by more than 30% in 8 good Sydney school districts

4. Glen Waverley in Melbourne's South East
With a large number of schools and educational institutions, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE and Wesley College, two prestigious colleges, both have branches in Glen Waverley. At the high school level, there are Brentwood Secondary College, Glen Waverley Secondary College, and Highvale Secondary College, and at the elementary level, there are Glendal Primary School, Mount View Primary School, Glen Waverley Primary School, Glen Waverley South Primary School, Highvale Primary School, and Camelot Rise Primary School.


5. Balwyn of Classical Elegance
Whether you are a local or international student, Balwyn High Melbourne has a reputation and faculty that can't be matched by other regions. It is surrounded by two schools, Deepdene State School and Balwyn High School, with rigorous entrance examinations for higher education. And the way to get into these schools is to live in the territory, except to pass the entrance exam. Adjacent to Balwyn is five primary schools Greythorn, Balwyn North, Bellevue, Boroondara Park, and St. Bede's.


6. BalwynNorth, a traditionally wealthy area
Melbourne CBD is 20 minutes by car and 37 minutes by tram via EastLink. Surrounding schools include six primary schools and one secondary school, especially the far-famous Balwyn High School, which has the hearts of many wealthy parents in Melbourne, both local and overseas.

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