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What's so attractive about Europe immigration, the home to 87 million emigrants?


The unprecedented pandemic has turned everyone's life upside down, and the demand for a quality life is higher than ever. Immigration not only brings benefits to the accepting countries but also gives the immigrants a chance to improve their standard of living.

World Migration Report 2022, published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has shown an increase in the number of emigrants despite the slowdown of migration due to the pandemic. Migrants were about 3.2% of the world's population in 2010, growing to 3.5% in 2019 and 3.6% in 2020.

According to the report, global mobility is significantly disrupted during the pandemic. Total air passengers dropped by 60%, from 4.5 billion in 2019 to 1.8 billion in 2020. Europe is the largest destination for international migrants, with 87 million migrants (30.9% of the global migrant population).

The most popular immigrant investor program is the one in Europe. As the term "investment immigration" suggests, the investor can obtain permanent residency or citizenship by investing a certain amount of money in designated areas of the country. All thanks to the low application threshold, with no requirement on educational qualification, linguistic competence, working experience and business background, the investment immigration in Europe is the most popular among similar kinds of programs. But, what are the other advantages other than this?

1. You can apply for immigration without having to leave your country

It's no wonder that the world is shifting towards the endemic phase. Approximately 60% of the countries are reopening their borders, and people are travelling again! An immigrant investor program you can apply to without leaving your house? Well, that does sound very tempting.

Earlier in April, Malta announced to simplify the process of immigration application. The applicant can hand all documents to the immigration without booking an appointment to take an oath at the embassy. Besides, countries like Greece, Turkey and Ireland follow in Malta's footsteps, simplifying the process of immigration application. You can now apply it online without having to travel to that country.

2. Immigrate without having to live there physically

One thing that troubled the migrants the most was the residency requirement. Many migrants hope to obtain the legal right to live in another country without affecting their current lifestyle. Therefore, the applicants will be required to live in the country for some time physically.

One of the characteristics of Europe investment immigration is the low residency requirement. Usually, there's no residency requirement. It's a typical "immigrate without living" program. The residency requirement in Portugal is 7 days per year, while there's no residency requirement in Greece and Malta.

3. Visa-free access to Schengen countries

You can travel internationally without hustling if you obtain permanent residency in Europe or Schengen countries, such as Portugal, Greece, Spain or Malta. You can explore the 26 Schengen countries without a visa and live wherever you prefer.

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