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Should I Buy a Large or Small House?


big house or small house

One of the most important investments in life may arguably be purchasing a home for your family. It is said that when buying a house, you should buy a large one instead of a small one. Is this really the case? When you are wondering whether to buy a large or small house, you can consider the capital budget, the number of residents, the future family structure, and the prospect of appreciation. Before we judge which type of house to buy based on our own reasons, let’s take a look at the advantages of large and small houses!

big house or small houseAdvantages of a Large House

Applicable people: families with more than three people, house changers, high-income groups

1. Buy a house once and live there for a long time

The large apartment has ample living space and relatively complete functions, so it is suitable for long-term living. If the house is bought too small, you will have to bear the cost of a second house change in the future. If there is a possibility of increasing family members, buying a large house will be a once-and-for-all approach.

2. Residential comfort

Living in a crowded environment for a long time can cause psychological stress and anxiety. A large house can give you higher comfort and happiness while improving your quality of life. It should be noted that a large house size does not mean that it will be comfortable to live in. If the large house is located in a high-density community, problems such as crowded and dense resident arrangements, long waiting times for elevators, and a large flow of people entering and leaving will also suffocate.

3. The house type is correct

Many small houses are runway houses, and most of the house structures are long and narrow or strange house types such as three-pointed and octagonal. From the perspective of Feng Shui, irregular house types can easily lead to an imbalance of yin and yang, commonly known as "violating evil spirits." Compared with small houses, it is easier to find a house with a square structure for large houses.

big house or small houseAdvantages of a Small House

Applicable people: singles, the elderly, newlyweds, and young people buying a house for the first time

1. The price is more affordable

In places where housing prices are rising day by day, such as first-tier cities or the capital, the price of small houses are obviously more affordable. Small houses with a low total price, low down payment, and low monthly payment are believed to be the best choice for many young people to realize their dream of being a homeowner.

2. Easy to lease and sell

Compared with typical large houses with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, small houses are more popular with renters. Young people are unwilling to go into debt to buy a house, so the rental market is still very hot. Whether it is a small apartment with a low total price and complete facilities, whether it is for rent or for sale, it is more in line with the housing needs of contemporary young people.

3. It is cost-effective

In addition to the down payment to buy a house, monthly payments and property fees must be paid on time. Since the property fee is charged according to the size of the house, the advantages of small units are self-evident. In addition, many small houses now come with hardcover and home appliances, which can help you save on the cost of decoration. Even if it is really renovated, the cost will be lower than that of large houses.

big house or small houseMoving Lines and House Design

In addition to the size, you have to pay attention to the moving lines when choosing a house. Observe whether the planning of the house’s living circulation is reasonable or not, depending on whether the functional areas of the house are accurately divided. The moving lines of general households include living moving lines, housework moving lines, and visitor moving lines. It is better for these three moving lines to keep you from interfering with each other in daily life, housework, and hospitality. Examples of unreasonable moving line planning include: the bathroom being too far away from the bedroom, the kitchen being too far away from the entrance door, the bedroom must pass through another bedroom, etc.

big house or small houseConclusion

There is no absolute right or wrong to buying what type of house. You can buy a small house first and then transition to a large house, or you can buy a small house in the urban area and a big house in the suburbs... Only by rationally analyzing your needs can you buy a satisfactory house because there is no best house in the world, only the most suitable house!

Whether a big or small house, find your dream property today! Click the link below to connect with our team of real estate experts who can help you assess the appreciation potential of your desired property.

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