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Delving into the 6 Types of Property in Canada


Different Types of Canada’s Property

Canada is a safer investment destination in this world with diverse areas. Since the country is filled with incredible landscapes where the locals are friendly, and a great number of opportunities search its way to foreign nationals, it is very popular across the world. People purchase all types of real estate in Canada for different purposes that include vacation home, permanent residence, workplace, or rental property.

Therefore, if you are interested in owning property in Canada, you must know about the types of housing offered by the country. Let’s delve a little deeper into the common types of properties in Canada.


A condominium, also known as ‘condo’, is a type of property that is suitable for all the purposes a person may want to buy a property for. Structurally, condos are similar to apartment buildings. Purchasing a condo means buying the building; it does not include the land or any shared space attached to the condo. Monthly fees are applied if you want to use any common area like an elevator, parking area, and more.


Not unlike the other countries, apartments in Canada can vary in size. It can have only one room to multi bedrooms with different facilities. A landlord usually manages an apartment, but it can be maintained by a superintendent as there are other apartments in the building.


Canadian cities have their own version of the row housing which they call the townhouses. Although this kind of houses looks like a separate house, it is actually attached to other houses in the row, which means sharing the boundaries with the people living in the connected houses with yours.

Usually, the upper levels of the townhouse are used as bedrooms. It also contains the main level living area and a proper basement. The typical height of a townhouse is like a two or three-storeyed building. These houses are very attractive and popular amongst the people.

Detached houses

A detached house or separate house is one of the expensive property types you can find in Canada due to its demand. It is on-demand because it does not include shared places. Most of the immigrant population prefers to buy entirely separate houses. As per the name, a detached house is not attached to the boundaries of other homes in the neighbourhood.

Buying a separate house means you are also purchasing the land on which the house is built. Then, all the maintenance bills, repair fees, and utility bills will be borne by you. Also, you will have all the freedom if you want to make any change to the design of the house when you own it.

Semi-detached houses

As the name suggests, Canada’s semi-detached houses are half separated and half attached to another house. If you own a semi-detached house, it will be attached to your neighbour’s home from one side while the other side will be without connection to any boundaries. Such styles of homes are also trendy in Canada.


Canadian cottages or bungalows are going to take you away from the robotic city life as they are unique in design and sometimes are made of woods. It can be found both in urban and rural areas. Cottages are single-family homes that comprise one floor; however, the layouts can differ. Usually, bedrooms of a bungalow are found at the backside or a sided area of the house, where the living rooms and kitchen remain on the other side. A basement can also be there in a cottage though it is not mandatory.

So now you know about the common types of houses in Canada. You can search for available listings of the type which best matches your taste and budget. Please leave us an enquiry to let us take you further.

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