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Malaysia: When Do I Need to Wear a Face Mask?


Malaysia's government has announced that starting 1st of August, everyone in public must wear a face mask. If they did not do so, he or she can be fined RM1,000 (around 238.75 dollars) by the government.

This policy aims to control the spread of Covid-19. However, after the implementation of the policy, many people are still confused.

Here are the details in a Q&A format to help us understand the policy better!

Where should I wear a face mask?

1. Where should I wear a face mask?

According to the policy, if you are going to crowded public places, wearing a face mask is compulsory.


  • Public transport
  • A crowded public area like Pasar or Supermarket, recreation parks, and tourist destinations

People who do not follow the rule will be fined RM1,000.


2. Should I wear a face mask in a car?

If you are in a public vehicle, then you should wear a face mask.

It is considered a private vehicle and you do not necessarily have to wear a face mask:

  • If you are in a car with your family members
  • If you are in a vehicle with colleagues you see every day


3. What if I'm eating? Should I wear a mask?

There are rumors saying that if you do not wear a mask immediately after dinning, you will be fined RM 1,000.

However, Malaysia's policy only advise those who dine-in to keep their face masks on until the food is served.

Children under two years old are not compulsory to wear a face mask.

4. Are children included in the policy?

Yes, they should be wearing their face masks in crowded places and on public transport.

But for children under two years old, they are not subjected to the rule.

The disabled, and individuals who can't wear face masks by themselves, are also not subjected to this rule.


5. What type of face masks should I choose?

We should choose to wear the three-ply surgical mask or fabric masks.

For fabric masks, it must fulfill the requirements set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Source: WHO


6. Does wearing a face mask help?

Yes, definitely!

According to WHO, wearing a face mask can decrease the chances of Covid-19 infection by 65%. 

And by social distancing, the chances of being infected by Covid-19 will decrease from 65% to 70%.


Thus, the real purpose of wearing a mask is not because we are following the rules set by the government or to avoid getting fined.

It is to protect ourselves, and the ones we love.

Practice 3Ws (Wear, Wash, Warn) and avoid 3Cs (Crowded places, Confined spaces and Close conversation).


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