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What can you expect from IKEA Dubai?


The city of Dubai is a shopper's paradise. Filled with luxury brands and businesses to cater to the many personalities of its visitors - it is an economic trading hub with opportunities from all across the world.

Don't be surprised to find sought out American brands such as Chick-Fil-A in the heart of Dubai.

Since we are talking about multinational companies, one the prominent and latest one is Ikea.

A store originated from Sweden, Ikea deals in minimalist furniture dealings including desks, sofas, cushions and other accessories - a social influencers dream backdrop in every post.

So, what can you expect from IKEA Dubai?

Ikea Dubai's History

Ikea Dubai first appeared as a small shop located in Karama on Zabeel Road. As time passed by, a larger store opened in Deira City centre, right when the creation of a new mall was done back in 1995.

In 2005, the store located itself in Dubai Festival City, opened in Abu Dhabi in 2011 and another one flourishing in Dubai City - one of the best treading hubs in the world.


Why the excitement for Ikea Dubai?

1. Ikea offers FREE home delivery

Those who live in the UAE and fans of shopping online will enjoy free home delivery services.

No matter where you live in Dubai, Ikea will not instil any delivery charges.

Either a bookcase for the den or a kitchen cabinet for food lovers, it will be delivered at your doorstep with no hassle.

2. It delivers disassembled furniture

While the prospect of bringing home an assembled bed frame sounds nice,  all the Ikea products are disassembled but had has many benefits.

By doing so, each part of the product can easily be contained either in a car or a delivery truck.

Have no fear! There is a complete manual guide available within each product with complete diagram descriptions. So time to roll up the sleeve and bring out the hammer!

3. Ikea Dubai offers minimalist design

The one element that draws people to Ikea is the minimalist design presented in the furniture.

No matter if you are choosing a sofa, a cushion, a desk, or a lamp, each product will have a simple yet fascinating design.

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What to do at Ikea Dubai anyway?

1. Enjoy a nice breakfast and even indulged in dessert

Ikea offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and even coffee. So enjoy your favourite breakfast food to give you the boost you need to survive the bustle of Ikea.

If you wish to experience Sweden food without travelling, explore the wide types of Swedish cookies, pastries along with hot Swedish soup and fruit salad.

2. Latest catalogues and brochures at your disposal

You can now purchase the Ikea Catalogue 2020 at the store to get an idea regarding how to select furniture accordingly.

While the catalogues and brochures are available online, by purchasing a physical copy, it'll look pretty on your Instagram and on the coffee table.

3. Professionals offer home and business Solutions

Looking to renovate your dream living room for a growing family?

Professionals at Ikea will provide you with a complete plan regarding which furniture to choose and how to set it in the space perfectly.

However, do keep in mind that professional designers are pre-booked during peak hours. So, you should contact the store to confirm your appointment before visiting.

4. A wide variety of Furniture and other accessories

Last but not least, the store offers a wide variety of furniture including dining tables with chairs, trendy chairs, cushions, sofas, and much more.

They also provide complete furniture adjustment for a specific room. Would you like a room with only white accents or a pink backdrop for your Instagram stories?


I am interested. How do I get to Ikea Dubai?

Ikea UAE Contact: 800-4532 [800-Ikea]. The number is toll-free.

Ikea Dubai City Festival Centre Contact: +971-4-20375555 | Email address:

Abu Dhabi Yas Island Store Contact: +971-2-4935888, Email address:

Or be a millennial and visit


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