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What are the steps to study abroad in Australia?



Studying abroad is most of a students’ dream at a certain point in life. For obtaining a higher degree and putting a feather on their cap, they prefer education from a top-ranked university overseas rather than an ordinary university from their home country. When talking about studying overseas, Australia is undoubtedly amongst the topmost priority list of the students since this country has some world-class universities from where quality education can be received.

However, from applying for the visa to going abroad to starting classes, there is a long procedure to follow. If you are familiar with the steps and have an idea about what you have to do, it would be smoother for you to apply to Australian universities.

Here goes a step-by-step checklist for the admission to universities in Australia.


1. Take baby steps towards the journey


To have a passport and valid English language proficiency test scores are the basics for going outside the country and to get permission for studying overseas, no matter which course or university you are applying for. Not unlike other countries, you need to get these requirements done to go to Australia. If you do not have a passport, you need to apply for it. Then you have to prepare for the language proficiency test if English is not your first language, since the medium of studying in Australia is English.

You will then need to show some financial documents as proof of how you are going to fund your study there. So, be prepared with these things once you decide to go abroad and study in Australia.


2. Browse for courses and universities offered in Australia

Without selecting your course and university, you cannot proceed with the application process. You might already know which sector you are interested in to continue your higher education. As per your convenience, start browsing for courses and universities. You will find several courses related to your interest, so choose what seems the most applicable for you.

However, you need to be careful while making choice since you might not be able to change the course once you are admitted. Besides, you may apply for different courses in one or different institutions while applying. However, there can be a limit on the number of universities where you can apply. Therefore, checking out the numbers earlier will be a wise step.


3. Decide about the applying options and get your CoE

In Australia, there are some ways on how you want to apply to a university. You can apply directly through the university’s website that you have chosen, or you can take help from a local university, or seek help from an agency. You just need to decide which one is more convenient to you.

Once you pass your English language proficiency test, fulfill the other requirements, and get selected for the course, an offer letter will be sent from the university to you. You will have to confirm the offer. Later on, you will receive a CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment, which will be needed during the procedure of your visa application.


4. Apply for your Australia visa


Applying for the visa is the next and one of the most crucial steps before going to study abroad. The confirmation of visa is the deciding factor whether you are able to study in Australia or not. Some documents, such as:

  1. financial requirements that you fund your studies covering your return airfare and tuition fees,
  2. your English Proficiency test results,
  3. Australian approved health insurance cover,
  4. verification of your criminal records, and more

are included in your visa application. You can even apply the visa application online, but you have to follow their instructions well. Most importantly, you should submit your visa at least 124 days before your course starts. Also, you might have to do a health check-up based on the location you have chosen to study. There will be a visa interview later on and you will get the information about it once you submit your visa application.


5. Get the approval and travel to Australia


It will take some time to receive the final decision of your application. From time to time, you can check the status of your application online as well. The authority will send you an email once they decide on your visa. Finally, when you get the approval, plan to land in Australia well-timed days before the commencement of your desired course. All the necessary details about your stay, the time period to go and return and etc. will be provided on the visa. So read and understand it properly before you travel to Australia.


However, since it is the year 2020 and the Coronavirus is suppressing the world’s educational system, there can be some other difficulties and changes in the duration and system. All you need to do is to enquire about pandemic-related restrictions and procedures from your selected university before coming to a conclusion.

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