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What are the types of real estate in Dubai?



Dubai is the Middle East's premier entrepôt, which has the best property markets an investor could find. The golden beaches, deserts, and the modern city of this emirate preserve the natural environment. This city provides a combination of modern lifestyle and tradition since it still preserves its long-established heritage and culture. By offering a high quality life and letting people experience their tradition, they have successfully grabbed the attention of foreign nationals.

For investors that are looking for both luxury and affordability at once, Dubai can showcase a broad choice of properties. There are many types of properties here that attract both tenants and buyers. The main types of properties in Dubai are—

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Townhouses


Dubai Apartments

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Apartments are the most admired type of properties in Dubai. From studios to 6+ bedroom units, Dubai has different kinds of arrangements for all buyers. Usually, studios consist of an independent unit that has a large or average main space where the other bed type units proffer one or more rooms in its space.

Alongside the basic facilities, residential properties in Dubai provide numerous kinds of facilities, such as parking, gym, shared pool, CCTV surveillance, and more. Ensuite bathrooms and spacious balconies also seem to be very attractive to the foreign nationals when they come to stay here. The height of the apartments is commendable and the view they can get from a high level is something very engaging.

The building facilities depend upon the bed types and mostly the prices. High-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, and even skyscrapers in Dubai have these apartments.



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Villas are the other common types of properties in Dubai. They are available in several bed-types that range from three to seven bedrooms. Typically, larger families or people with joint families prefer villas since it usually provides amenities like larger living spaces, an attached garage, and a private garden. Luxurious villas are with high levels of amenities. The designs of these villas are generally of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-style.

Attached, detached and semi-detached villas are usually found in Dubai. An attached villa present shared facilities. Semi-detached and detached villas present facilities in a more private way.

Lush green landscaping of villa communities in Dubai offers a comfortable lifestyle in the city.

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Townhouses in Dubai are mostly like villas in Dubai, although there are small differences to specify between these two types. They are basically attached houses with no less than two floors. Still, the price range of townhouses might be higher than the villas. Attached and semi-attached townhouses can be found in a very large quantity in Dubai. Mostly, they have three to six bedrooms. Areas like Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Akoya Oxygen, Al Furjan are very popular for their townhouses.


So in Dubai, these properties, may it be apartments, villas, or townhouses, are with exceptional facilities, and at an affordable price for the foreigners to buy or rent. By offering a high quality of life, the real estate of Dubai is gaining a handful of popularity with time. Certain property types like studio apartments have been in a very demandable phase for the last two years across many neighborhoods. There is also a prediction that the types of properties this emirate provides will keep attracting investors’ attractions in the near future.


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