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Is property a good investment in Malaysia?


Malaysia has always been in talks for its real estate, as it is considered one of the favorable investment options in Southeast Asia. The country provides a more effective financial future in the property business. Due to that, foreign investors are becoming more interested in investing in Malaysia.

Here go five celebrated reasons for considering Malaysia’s real estate a good investment.


Strategic location


The place where Malaysia stands is alongside the Strait of Malacca, which is the world’s busiest shipping lane. This location itself works like a golden opportunity for the investors to invest here more because it makes the country’s economy perform well on a consistent level.

Being in the heart of ASEAN, business hubs like Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai are easily reachable from its capital, Kuala Lumpur. Today, the country has a GDP of more than US$2 trillion!


One of the world’s best countries as a foreign home


Malaysia is a country that remains in the topmost countries in the rank of Global Peace Index of the world. Also, it is amongst the safest countries in Asia. It has always been in the good books and much publicized as a peaceful nation.

In this country, people of various races live together and tourists or foreigners feel warm and welcome here. Especially in Kuala Lumpur, this is a very popular tourist spot and one of the most visited cities according to research.

Who wouldn’t want to feel at home in another country, being away from their own home?


Malaysia's political stability

Malaysia’s political environment helps it to be peaceful. The country got its independence 60 years back and is still enjoying political stability. Mainly, the democratic government makes it possible to maintain this harmony.

A country’s economy and social structure directly or indirectly depends on its political growth as well. Therefore, the good governance here is leaving no stones unturned to make a way for the country’s better fortune. The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is an example of it.

The government has vowed to implement complementing policies to create a more reliable environment for investment in the property market.


Facility to do business

It is very easy to start a company in Malaysia since there are only a few basic procedures, that include selecting, paying the fees and registering, following up by the interested, and the company can be run.

This easily accessible quality along with the government’s up-to-date policies and strong economic fundamentals help it to be in the topmost ranks even in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report. Not only in Asia but also in Malaysia shines brightly worldwide when it comes to investing in properties.


Permission to fully own Malaysia properties


In many countries, foreigners have the right to stay and buy properties, but they cannot fully own it. However, things are different in Malaysia. They get the chance to have their own houses or residential property like the country’s own inhabitants.

The expat may face limitations, although there is an option to take advantage of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme that will make the investing in Malaysia a better choice.

Thinking of investing in Malaysia? Here's a foreigner's guide on how to invest in Malaysian properties.


With it predicted that Malaysian investment will be back on tract in the near future due to Covid-19, it is an excellent time to jump in and grab this opportunity before everyone else.

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