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Australia: Can we still apply for a visa during the Coronavirus pandemic?



Like many countries across the world, Australia had to slam their door for all foreigners who aren't permanent residents. They had to restrict their services to deal with the infectious COVID-19. As a result, Australia reported zero new local cases of contamination for the first time since June this October!

So, can we still apply for an Australian visa now during the pandemic?

In short, yes. But there are a few restrictions on the country’s border and visa approvals.



With the country’s border now closed, who can come in?

Generally, these people can still come into Australia:

  1. Australian citizens
  2. Residents
  3. Immediate family members of the Australian nationality
  4. Immediate family members with permanent resident status
  5. Travelers who have been in New Zealand for the previous 14 days
  6. Foreign nationals with valid visas (requires a strong reason for visa application at Australian Department of Home Affairs, and a COVID-19 health screening)

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Can I still apply for an Australia eVisitor visa?

Yes, for business trips and holidays. However, the process of approving this visa takes time.

Australia’s visa is valid for one year, so apply now if you are planning on a trip in the next 12 months.



There are also people that are permitted to enter Australia without any visa. If you are from The United Kingdom and Ireland, great news for you! However, you can only enter Australia by having a ticket for transfer. There are also a few restrictions:

  1. You cannot spend more than 72 hours in Australia after your arrival
  2. All travelers have to maintain etiquette related to COVID-19, such as:

    • Wearing a mask
    • Keeping a safe distance from other people
    • Coughing and sneezing inside of your elbow
    • Seek medical help if feeling unwell



Traveling to Australia again on a normal visa is unsure until everything gets back to its regular shape, which is after the end of the pandemic. Their trade minister Birmingham announced that Australia is not going to allow outsiders entry, and will continue implementing strict rules regarding entry ban this year.


Point to be noted, the decisions regarding the Australian immigration service can be changed any time by the authorities. So, it would be better if you check for all up-to-date information before making any decisions to travel.

There are restrictions on travelling now, but investments are always open.

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