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What are the requirements for foreigners to get a Vietnam visa?


If you want to visit Vietnam, you need to have a visa issued by the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate first and foremost. Due to COVID-19, foreigners' entry was barred in Vietnam since March 25 2020, eased with time.

Today, diplomats, foreign business experts, foreign investors, high skilled workers, and professionals are being allowed to enter the country.

The Immigration Law for the foreigners has been amended, and the implementation took place from 10th of July 10.

Some countries can acquire a free entry visa to Vietnam, although there is a legal duration permitted.

For the ASEAN countries, this duration is 14 to 30 days, it is for 90 days for Chile, and some other citizens from different countries have 15 days for this free entry visa. The new immigration law has redacted the break of a minimum of 30 days in between two visa-free entries.

However, to remain for an extended period, foreigners need to appeal for longer-term single or multiple entry visas. A new type of visa is introduced in Vietnam named DT1 for the foreign investors, who contribute capital over VND 1 billion. With this kind of visa, investors can even apply for a temporary residence card that will allow them to stay in Vietnam for up to 10 years.

There are some common requirements of what you have to have to apply for a Vietnam visa. You need to have the following documents –

  • Passport: Firstly, a mandatory passport with a minimum 6-month validity from travel dates is required.
  • Photo: Two recently clicked passport-sized photos are needed then. No glasses can be worn in the pictures.
  • Form to apply: Application forms are needed to show during entry.
  • Approval letter: For an on-arrival visa at Vietnam's airport, you need to show them an approval letter. A stamping fee also has to pay for a visa on arrival.

Apart from having a valid passport and photos, for getting a DT visa as a foreign investor, you have to prepare these documents – verified copy of your Business Registration Certificate or Investment Registration Certificate, certificate of seal specimen registration, a registration form or Form NA16 approved by the legal representative of the enterprise operating in Vietnam, Form NA5, temporary residence registration form.

These prepared documents have to be submitted to the Immigration Department office of Vietnam. You personally can submit it, or your agent also can help you to do it. Approximately, around five working days after your submission, an investor visa for Vietnam stamped on the passport will be provided to you. You can apply for this DT visa by staying in your home country, or when you are already in Vietnam, or even on arrival in the country.

Since Vietnam is considered a bright ASEAN country in terms of trade, economic growth, and abundant workforce, foreigners are becoming more interested in this country and tend to invest more. So, the government is welcoming the foreigners with their open arms. Knowing these simple visa requirements, a foreigner’s step for a new venture in a country like Vietnam can be easier to implement.

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