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Why is everyone watching Australian TV series "Selling Houses Australia"? (Plus Bonus Movie List!)


watching Australian TV series

Contemporary practicality with top-notch advice – when this intense combination can be portrayed, it makes a worth-watch for the people interested in the property market.

Selling Houses Australia is an Australian TV series that has successfully grabbed everyone’s attention, especially those who want to enter this captivating field of real estate. Even those who had no curiosity in this field have started to develop interest while watching it.

13 seasons with about 150 episodes – This show is now Foxtel Australia’s most celebrated show, watched by nearly 40% of its subscribers.

So what is “Selling Houses Australia” about?

selling houses Australia tv show

Selling Houses Australia is an Australian reality and lifestyle TV series with a straightforward premise. It is based on the British show Selling Houses. The show is hosted by Andrew T. Winter, a popular name in the property market, an English-born real estate property expert and author. He has also hosted the British version of the show.

In this series, Winter and his team – a landscaper and interior designer – help property owners who have difficulty selling their homes. They assess their property, transform it to boost the property's appeal with up-to-date needs and get them sold by putting it up for sale. The result is shown at the end of each episode.

This show wins back-to-back awards with this catchy and innovative theme and still stands high in ratings while making its way one after another season.


Bonus Movie/TV shows List (that is all real estate related!)

1. Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television series that is one of the best real estate shows. This show follows the twins named Jonathan and Drew Scott, who use their computer and technical expertise to help potential home buyers renovate houses to their liking within a budget.

Drew is a talented real estate expert who can find undervalued investment properties, and Jonathan is specialized in home renovation. This TV show covers all the important aspects of critical aspects of real estate investments.


2. The Queen of Versailles

It is basically a 2012 American documentary film directed by Lauren Greenfield. The story revolves around the fortune of Florida billionaires David and Jackie Siegel, who start constructing their private residence, but the 2008 global economic crisis threatens their progress.


3. Flip That House

Flip That House is an American television series that features one of the most basic real estate investment strategies – flipping houses. The Discovery Home Channel creates this show. In the process of `flipping' a house, different people or groups are picked up on each episode. The popularity and usefulness of this show are mainly amongst real estate investors.



4. The Big Short

The Big Short belongs to the genre of biographical comedy-drama film, which Adam McKay directs. The story of this movie is taken from a book of the same name.

This movie explores the 2008 financial crisis as well. The housing crash and collapse of the real estate bubble are cinematically sketched by popular actors like Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt in this film.

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5. The Vanilla Ice Project

Hosted by construction contractor and rapper Rob Van Winkle, The Vanilla Ice Project is an American reality television series on the DIY Network. This show also focuses on house flipping or improving high-end homes before selling them.


6. House Hunters

House Hunters is considered the benchmark for modern real estate shows since it is one of the very first shows relating to the property market that was aired on national TV. This show is about people who are looking for new homes. The potential buyers get in touch with the agents through this show and move forward to finalizing a deal.


7. Million Dollar Listing: New York

This particular real estate show showcases some of the most luxurious homes documenting the lives of agents. It is based in the properties of the New York area. The viewers get to see a close methodical process of the client-agents relationship through this show.


8. Promised Land

The Promised Land is a drama film directed by Gus Van Sant, featuring Matt Damon and John Krasinski. Corporate sales partners’ story is visualized in this film who visit a small town to buy local drilling rights.


9. Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary film about the 2008 global financial meltdown that caused millions of job and home losses in the United States. It explores the systemic corruption within the financial services industry which led to the economic crisis.


10. Love It or List It

Love It or List It is a Canadian-American home design TV show. In each episode, viewers follow David and Hilary’s adventures while trying to convince dissatisfied landlords and homeowners to modernize or sell their properties.

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