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Where are the HOT spots to invest in Thailand in 2022?



Let's jump straight into it.

Your property is one of your biggest investments. So you'll definitely want to know if that place is good for investment. Today, we'll talk about Thailand!

Do you know why Thailand property is popular for investing?

  • Upgrading from a low-income to an upper-middle-income country, Thailand has come a long way over the last few decades while making noticeable development in social and economic sectors.
  • According to property experts, Thailand’s property market – especially, Bangkok's residential market – is supposed to improve next year in 2022 because of balanced supply and demand.
  • You can potentially live a lot cheaper, more so, leading a desirable lifestyle at the same time.

However, choosing a proper location is key to valuable real estate. The homebuyers who choose the best spots are usually benefitted from the most valuable property, considering the accessibility, outlook, and amenities of a neighbourhood.

Let’s have a look into the five HOT spots to invest in the property market of Thailand in 2022.


Five HOT spots to invest in Thailand in 2022

1. Bangkok


Arguably being acknowledged as the economic hub of Thailand, Bangkok is a popular destination to stay and work for both local Thais and Expats. It is the capital of Thailand, which is located on the delta of the Chao Phraya River.

With an estimated population of more than 8 Million, it opens up opportunities in the real estate market for investors and as well as homebuyers. The remote working flexibility in Bangkok has successfully managed to get the attention of foreign buyers, particularly the Chinese.

Good reasons to buy property in Bangkok?

  • Thailand is geographically well-positioned, and undoubtedly its capital city Bangkok is a business hub and get benefit out of the profit that creates positive economic fundamentals. This makes its real estate’s price grow at a great rate.
  • There has been consistency in Bangkok’s urban development with top-notch residential projects, modern road networks and links to main industrial and commercial centres.
  • Since the city attracts major foreign buyers from China and Singapore, property experts assume that demands will grow higher when the borders will fully open.
  • Bangkok has a stable rental market with an average rental yield between 4-6%.


2. Phuket

Phuket is an internationally celebrated travel destination, which is known as the ‘jewel of the Andaman Sea’. It is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. Locating on Thailand’s biggest island, this place has gained popularity with its blissful beaches, dreamlike lifestyle, and properties having wonderful beach views.

Good reasons to buy property in Phuket?

  • Renowned as a mesmerizing travel destination, Phuket greets millions of travellers every year.
  • From the fascinated tourists, the number of property investors or permanent residents keeps growing.
  • Stable and bright demand for vacation rental accommodation are found in Phuket for the whole year.
  • Development in Phuket is taking place at full speed. For instance, an excellent road network stabilizes the residents’ connectivity with other venues around the island. Also, the transport capacity of Phuket International Airport has been expanded to receive a healthy amount of passengers annually.


3. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Known as the ‘rose of the north’, oftentimes considered as the ‘cultural heart of Thailand’ as well, Chiang Mai is an essential part of the economic growth of Thailand. It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province, and also the largest city in northern Thailand. The city presents an idiosyncratic landscape having many mountains. Traditional buildings and numerous old temples also resemble Chiang Mai.

Good reasons to buy property in Chiang Mai?

  • Fast developing infrastructure is what describes Chiang Mai since a plenty amount of investment in infrastructure has been part of this place over the past decade.
  • The attention from Chinese tourists has taken Chiang Mai’s real estate market into a higher position.
  • The place provides a harmonious living experience.


4. Pattaya

The resort city – Pattaya is a very well-liked leisure destination of Thailand, which is situated in the eastern part of the country. Only two hours of being away from the capital city, Pattaya has become a great escape plan for the exhausting residents of Bangkok. This city even has accessibility to the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estates.

Good reasons to buy property in Pattaya?

  • Urban development is rapidly happening in Pattaya, whereas many progressive works are taking place at the same time.
  • The city is a potential tourist destination that proffers a lot of breathing and entertainment spaces.
  • It is no longer a weekend getaway for the residents, rather it is becoming an acceptable add-on of Bangkok.


5. Hua Hin

The very old beach resort of Thailand in Hua Hin, which is one of the eight districts of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula. This place is just about three hours away from Bangkok. It was once a fishing village that with time transformed into a fashionable destination for both residents and expats after the Thai royal family built summer palaces here.

Good reasons to buy property in Hua Hin?

  • For Bangkok’s holidaymakers, Hua Hin is an escape from the monotonous life and embracement of a perfect beachside lifestyle.
  • It is a popular destination for retirees since it offers a laid-back living environment.
  • Pretty sensibly priced residential properties like condos, villas and houses are found in this destination.

So what are you waiting for? Start the year off right with an investment in one of those hot, new properties in HOT spots of Thailand!

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