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Top 10 most popular suburbs for Australian property buyers



Semi-detached house to be auctioned in Freshwater, NSW

Semi-detached home to be auctioned in New State suburb of Freshwater

The Daily Telegraph reports that property website's latest list, Top Sellers' Market, has revealed some of the most popular suburbs for home buyers. Of these, Freshwater, 17 kilometres away from Sydney's CBD area, was the suburb most searched for by potential buyers in the last quarter, with around 260 properties listed for sale.
Montmorency, Victoria although ranked fourth, has seen the highest increase in the number of searches in the past year. In second place is Unley, South Australia's best performing suburb, an inner-city suburb that debuted on the list. The highest ranking in the state last quarter continues to be Holland Park, although it may soon be overtaken by Wishart, which has seen the highest increase in searches in the state over the past year.
The most popular suburbs in Tasmania and Western Australia are Bellerive and Shenton Park respectively, while in the Northern Territory, Wulagi is back in the lead after 2012.'s general manager of sales and operations, Arthur Charlaftis, said it was good information for sellers to know which suburbs have continued to attract attention in the past year.

He said: "The suburbs that continue to generate buyer interest throughout the year can highlight the fact that seasonality doesn't play that big a role in sales. There is such a widespread rumour that one should not sell a house in the winter if they can. While there's obviously a spike in new listings in the fall and spring, we're also seeing very consistent levels of listings between June and August."

Top 10 list of Top Sellers' Market, March to May.

  1. Freshwater (NSW)
  2. Unley (SA)
  3. Albert Park (VT)
  4. Montmorency (VT)
  5. Ringwood North (VT)
  6. Willoughby (NSW)
  7. Carlton North (VT)
  8. Thornleigh (NSW)
  9. Upwey (VT)
  10. South Penrith (NSW)

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