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10 Investment Advantages of Property in Pattaya, Thailand


National holiday era, tourism real estate (that is, different from the traditional residential, combining tourism, leisure, vacation, living in one project) began to occupy the Thai real estate market with lightning speed, especially tourism cities such as Pattaya is the most popular. Today, we will analyze the advantages of investing in Thailand Pattaya real estate.


Thailand Pattaya real estate investment advantages

First: Resources
The beach is 40 kilometers long, with blue water, white sand and ocean views so abundant that property developers are even building condominiums right on the beach. It is also famous for its sun, sand and seafood, beautiful seascapes, new paradises, and the most famous nightlife culture. Low prices and world-renowned tourism service attract tourists from all over the world. With a wide range of tourism and entertainment options, Pattaya is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, attracting 12 million foreign visitors each year.


Second: Climate
Tropical monsoon climate with moderate year-round temperature differences, with the highest temperature in April and May, and an average annual temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, and warmer winters. The month of December is the most comfortable season in Pattaya, with the lowest sea temperature of 28癈 in January, and the winter months are perfect for swimming. It's perfectly possible to spend the year in shorts and T-shirts.


Third: Economy
Pattaya is located in the Bangkok-Rayong Economic Corridor, Thailand's most developed economy, with healthy economic growth, thriving tourism industry, and a real estate industry. The momentum is fierce, and as many as two to three hundred international conferences are held in Pattaya each year. It receives close to 12 million foreign visitors per year. All in all, the tourism economy is very international, with tourists coming from all over the world and not susceptible to the recession of one economy.


Fourth: Thriving property market
The influx of foreigners buying a property in Pattaya has caused the beachfront condominium market to soar. In the Pattaya property market, the main foreign buyers are Europeans. Almost all property advertisements are in both English and Russian, and in recent years, the Chinese have become more and more interested in Pattaya. The vacancy rate of Pattaya houses is extremely low, and properties in good locations at low prices often sell out of their foreigner quotas very quickly.


Fifth: Rental Returns
Rental yields are around 8-10%, with some well-located properties near the sea as high as 15%, and Thailand's annual rental income is around US$1.5 billion. The 26 million tourists from around the world (6 million of whom are our fellow Chinese) sustain such rentals. You can rent an apartment in Pattaya for 300 yuan a day during the high season, especially for short-term tenants in Europe and the US. If you charter directly to a developer, you can get a minimum return of 6%.


Sixth: House prices
Prices for one-bedroom apartments range from RMB200,000 to RMB600,000, excluding common areas, fully furnished, and parking spaces. Free, swimming pool gym is a must-have. Converted to a domestic rough floor area price of about 7,000 RMB/square meter, with a down payment of 100,000 RMB in installments, you can buy a 1-bedroom house with a sea view.


Seventh: Freehold Real Estate Policy
Thai property is freehold, which is enjoyed by foreigners as well, and it is different from the freehold in Europe and America - there is no property holding tax in Thailand.
No restriction on buying: In Thailand, Chinese residents are not affected by the restriction on buying and can have 100% lifetime ownership of condominium properties.
You can get a real estate license after handing over the property: Thai law stipulates that you have to register the ownership when you hand over the property.


Eighth: Room for appreciation
At the same time, Thai property has been steadily increasing in value over the past decade, with annual property appreciation of 10-12%. Rent plus property appreciation also yields nearly 20% per year. Pattaya has invested heavily in urban infrastructure, with the completion of the high-speed light rail to Bangkok Airport in 2018 and the city along the high-speed rail line. The real estate market is looking good. Thai real estate experts believe that property prices in these cities along the high-speed rail line will rise by more than 30% in the next few years.


Ninth: Transportation
The planned Bangkok Airport to Pattaya High-Speed Rail light rail line is expected to be completed in 2018, which will reduce the travel time between the two cities to 20 minutes. Bangkok or Pattaya airports are about 2 hours' flight from southern Chinese cities and 4-5 hours' flight from northern cities, about the same flight time to Sanya.
In the future, AirAsia plans to open more direct flights to Pattaya from domestic cities, so that tourists do not have to go to Bangkok airport to change cars and save 2 hours all the time. And in 2016 China Southern Airlines also launched regular flights from Shanghai to Pattaya, and since Pattaya Airport is a cheap airport, the airfare is also half the price of flying to Bangkok. Thailand, regardless of its current visa-on-arrival policy or future visa-free policy, allows Chinese travelers to come and go conveniently.
So some people have concluded that it is better to go to Hainan than Thailand, and the landscape of Thai beaches, prices, entertainment, tourism services; in all respects, are far better than Sanya.

Tenth: Vacation life
Local prices are low, the cost of living is low, and with the exchange rate, it is becoming a trend to work in Western countries and then retire to Pattaya, Thailand to save money while having fun.
The Thai government is also giving strong support from the policy side and is issuing special retirement visas to anyone over the age of 50, which makes Pattaya an increasing population destination for expats moving to. Thailand's medical facilities are also world-class and at a low cost, only a quarter of Europe's.
Families with children can also choose to attend a number of high-quality international schools, and Thailand has a well-developed international education scene, including one of the top three private schools in the UK, Regent (where Princess Diana studied in), which has branches in Bangkok and Pattaya.
In short, while Thailand has become a top destination for Chinese tourists, Thai real estate is equally attractive. The exchange rate of the RMB is also depreciating, so instead of spending 2 million yuan on a 90-square-meter second-hand house in Sanya, you can buy 4 houses in Pattaya for the same price. The difference in rent can be more than 5 times.

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