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12 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Property


1. Up to 50% loan, flexible payment plan.
2. There is no capital gains tax, so all the proceeds from the appreciation of your property belong to the owner.
3. No rental income tax, no additional tax on income from rental properties in Dubai.
4. There is no restriction on the flow of funds, you can always transfer funds to/from the place you wish to reach
5. Outstanding real estate investment return rate, apartment investment income up to 8-10%, luxury villas up to 5-6%.
6. Property registration is simple and fast, and the various procedures of property transactions and registration can be completed within a few days.
7. Transparent transactions, all aspects of property transactions have a standard process and remain consistent and fair.
8. Political stability and security, Dubai and the UAE is the world's safest place to invest/live.
9. Protecting investors' interests, Dubai's RERA division is the best real estate business unit in the world.
10. Open national property policy, global buyers are free to buy freehold properties.
11. Unlimited purchase policy, as long as the budget is sufficient, you can buy apartments, luxury homes, and even islands.
12. By Investing property, you can get a residence visa and start your dream living experience in Dubai.


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In 2016, Chinese buyers became the seventh-largest investor in the Dubai property market, with a total annual investment of around Dh1.6 billion ( (RMB 3 billion). According to, China's top property portal, Chinese investors in 2016 were interested in Dubai's Investment enthusiasm in the real estate market is up 1,200% over the previous year!

Current status of investments

Chinese buyers are currently investing AED 1.6 billion in the Dubai housing market, a 300% increase compared to previous years. The current investment momentum will encourage more buyers to invest in Dubai.

Growth in the number of Chinese in Dubai
Over the past five years, the total Chinese population in Dubai has risen by 53%, with a total of 230,000 Chinese currently living in the city.

Why invest in Dubai today

As one of Dubai's most important trading partners, Chinese people are increasingly active in the city, whether they are traveling, shopping, or investing.

Growth in trade between the two countries
China is Dubai's largest trading partner. Currently, there are more than 4,000 Chinese companies operating in Dubai to make the most of the city's geographical advantages. Given the growing business ties between the two countries, investing in Dubai real estate is becoming a popular and promising way for Chinese investors to invest.

High rental returns and capital support
Compared to the 2-3% rental yields in the country, the return on investment in Dubai property is considerable. In Dubai, luxury villas offer rental yields of 5-6%, while apartments can yield 8-10%. Plus, the average value-added in Dubai is over 40%.

Best Investment Destination
For Chinese buyers, Dubai is a prime investment destination. Not only does it offer affordable luxury properties, world-class infrastructure and building quality, and lucrative investment returns. The investment environment is also superb: no rental income tax, no capital gains tax, and a strong commitment to the investor's interests. In addition, investing in property in Dubai comes with a residency visa, which allows you to experience a high quality of life there for a long time.

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