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Can you apply for a Thailand Visa on Arrival?


Thailand Visa On Arrival

Most people require a valid visa to enter Thailand, but some countries don’t. That’s because the Thailand government has decided to offer on-arrival-visa that is valid for 15 days, to lighten the travel procedures for foreigners.

Take a look if you are under the countries that are eligible to apply for it!

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Bhutan
  3. China
  4. Cyprus
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Fiji
  7. Georgia
  8. India
  9. Kazakhstan
  10. Malta
  11. Mexico
  12. Nauru
  13. Mauritius
  14. Papua New Guinea
  15. Romania
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Taiwan
  18. Uzbekistan
  19. Vanuatu

You can apply and use this type of visa the day you arrive at the Thailand international airports and most of the border crossings.

Requirements upon entry in Thailand

Thailand visa

To enter Thailand, the passport holders of the above countries need to meet these requirements –

  • The purpose of the visit should strictly be for tourism.
  • The passport needs to be real and have at least 30 days of validation.
  • A valid address has to be shown in Thailand, may it be a hotel or apartment that can be verified.
  • A confirmed return ticket should be with the visitors as proof that they will fly back within the time period. Open tickets are not allowed in this case.
  • The visitors have to pay an entry fee in Thai currency only. Also, it will be necessary to prove that they have an amount of funds (at least 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family) while staying in Thailand.

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T.8 Form: A must document for Thailand visa-on-arrival

To manage the risks of the ongoing pandemic, the Thailand Health Declaration, or T.8 Form, is a travel document that must be filled out by visitors of all nationalities before arriving in the country. You can apply for the T.8 Form at any time in advance.

Upon application, you will need to provide:

  • Your personal information
  • Health status and information about the intended stay in the country
  • A confirmed return flight ticket to submit with the form

The T.8 Health Declaration will be emailed to the designated people prior to their departure so that they can show it to the immigration officers at the airport.

This form does not replace a visa in any way.


Note: On account of the global pandemic, the rules regarding visa can be changed by the government at any time if needed.

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