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Malaysia Ranks 11th in the World for Most Powerful Passports!


Malaysia Passport

Malaysia has achieved a significant milestone on the world stage, as its passport secures the 11th spot on the prestigious Henley Passport Index for 2023. This remarkable progress reflects the nation's commitment to international collaboration and increased global connectivity. With visa-free access to an impressive 180 destinations out of 227, Malaysia's citizens can now explore the world and foster understanding between cultures.


Advancing on the Henley Passport Index

Malaysia's passport rankings have shown continuous improvement, reaching a commendable 11th position in 2023. This steady progress highlights Malaysia's dedication to forging stronger ties with other nations and enhancing its global presence.


Malaysia Passport
Unlocking 180 Destinations

The Henley Passport Index confirms that Malaysia's passport holders can now travel to an impressive 180 countries and territories without requiring a visa. This expanded access offers Malaysians the chance to experience diverse cultures and promote meaningful exchanges across borders.


A Journey of Growth

Over the years, Malaysia's passport rankings have experienced positive growth. While not at its previous peak positions, the steady climb from 2018 to 2023 underscores Malaysia's efforts to become a more active participant in the global community.


Source: Henley Passport Index and MalayMail

The Henley Passport Index's Methodology

The Henley Passport Index is widely respected for its robust methodology, which relies on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and meticulous research by residence and citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners. This ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment of passport power.


Malaysia Passport

Source: Henley Passport Index and MalayMail

Exploring the World

Malaysians can now embark on enriching travel experiences, visiting popular countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Sri Lanka, which offer Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) upon entry. Additionally, visa on arrival options in places like the Marshall Islands, Palau Islands, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Samoa, and Tonga open doors to unforgettable adventures.


Malaysia Passport
Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration

The increased mobility offered by Malaysia's higher passport ranking promotes tourism, facilitates international collaborations, and strengthens diplomatic ties. Malaysians can play an essential role in fostering mutual understanding and creating bridges between cultures.


A Promising Path Ahead

Malaysia's impressive rise on the Henley Passport Index is a positive sign of its potential as a global player. With access to 180 destinations worldwide, Malaysians have the opportunity to contribute to a more interconnected world and promote harmony among nations.



Malaysia's rising passport ranking signifies the nation's dedication to global engagement and mutual understanding. With visa-free access to 180 destinations, Malaysians can embark on journeys of discovery, building bridges between cultures and fostering international cooperation. This achievement opens doors to boundless educational experiences and lays the foundation for a brighter and more harmonious global community.

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