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Top 10 School Districts in the UK: Redbridge


Redbridge borough is an English borough outside of Greater London, England, in north-east London. Does the 2011 census report show a population of 278,970 and an area of 56.41km? There are 54 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and 4 special schools in the district. The district is praised for its open parks and green spaces. More than a quarter of the area is covered with forests and greenery. Good transport links, easy access to shopping centres and a high standard of schools have made the area popular with young parents. The Redbridge Performing Arts Centre, Kenneth More Theatre and the Redbridge Watch Museum all contribute to the area's rich heritage. And the Redbridge area has 13 libraries, large and small, to meet the book needs of not only adult political science and technology entertainment but also the many young children's books aimed at children.

In the borough of Redbridge, 23% of residents are under the age of 16, much higher than the London average; 65% are aged Between 16-64 years of age, which is lower than the London average; 12.1% of residents are over 65 years of age, which is higher than the London average percentage 35.9 per cent of residents were in full-time employment, 11.7 per cent were self-employed, and 4.1 per cent of the total number of full-time students. 5.3 per cent were unemployed; 22.9 per cent were white-collar workers and 13.9 per cent worked as administrative assistants. A total of 13.3 per cent of the population is employed as technicians.

One elementary school in Redbridge takes full advantage of the school's multicultural background by implementing a multilingual learning program. In just over a decade, the percentage of non-native English speakers has doubled to 80 per cent. The school has students serve as language teachers, teaching them important vocabulary in their native language. The teacher in charge of the language learning program says that the program makes the children proud of their culture and they serve with pride as "Language Teachers'.

Introduction to excellent private schools

Snarebrsook Prep School

Address: 75 Woodford Road, London E182EA.
Email: office@snares
Tel: 02089892394
Founded in 1930.
Type of school: private day school, co-educational
ISCED: Primary
Age: 3-11 years
Number of pupils: 162
Tuition fees: £3,302  per term


Introducing Outstanding Public Schools

Gilbert Colvin Primary School

Address: Strafford Road, Ilford, Essex, IG50TL
Tel: 02085504630
Type of school: Co-educational public primary school
Enrollment age: 3-11
Number of students: 446
STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: In 2014, 45% of students achieved Grade 5 in reading, writing and math.
School Features:

  • School is larger than the average elementary school.
  • Most students are from minority backgrounds Students are strong in math, reading and writing.
  • School safety education is very good and teaches students how to keep themselves safe in all situations.
  • Many new courses such as drama, karate, sewing, cooking and music.
  • The school choir has performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Redbridge Primary School

Address: College Gardens, Redbridge, Ilford, Essex, IG45HW
Tel: 02085517429
Established in 2006
Type of school: Co-educational public primary school
Enrollment age: 4-11
Number of students: 717
STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: In 2014, 43% of students achieved Level 5 in reading, writing, and math.
School Features:

  • The school is much larger than a normal-sized primary school.
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage consists of a nursery and three small classes with a majority of non-native English speakers.
  • The largest groups include Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian ethnic students who exceed the national average in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • History, geography and science need to be improved.
  • The school's teachers use very creative ways to incorporate content into their lessons, such as the Titanic scenario.
  • Pupils take great pride in their school and actively maintain and have a sense of honour.
  • The school encourages pupils to develop self-confident characters and is very good at nurturing pupils' spiritual, moral and socio-cultural upbringing.


Ilford County High School

Address: FremantleRoad,Barkingside,Ilford,Essex,IG62JB
Tel: 02085516496
Established: 1973
Type of school: Public boys' school
Enrollment age: 11-18
Number of students: 946
Student Achievement: 98% of the number of students achieving five GCSEs at A*-C or above and 100% of the number of students achieving three A-levels at A*-E or above.
School Features:

  • London medium-sized grammar school for boys.
  • One-third of the students are of Indian and Asian descent.
  • The curriculum for boys is excellent and effectively combines the students' interests and challenges.
  • Pupils are well looked after and wellbeing is good at school.
  • The principal and staff work very efficiently. In the curriculum, the school encourages students to design and research technological experiments.
  • GCSEs are ranked in the top five nationally, which is very high.
  • Pupils' maths, science and reading and writing skills are outstanding and above average in the UK.


This article is contributed by Juwai Columnist Annie

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