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Top 5 Liveable Cities In Korea


Korea offers some really great cities to live in. Curious about the top places to live in Korea? Read along as we reveal the top 5 liveable cities in Korea.

From bustling cities to serene coastal spots, these destinations offer unique lifestyles. Let's explore what makes them special!

1. Busan

2. Jeonju

3. Seoul

4. Incheon

5. Jeju

1. Busan


Busan is known for having one of the largest expat communities in South Korea. This makes it very easy for foreign travellers to communicate in English.

Unlike the capital Seoul, Busan has milder winters and warmer temperatures. Busan is located near beaches and mountains, making it an excellent area for hiking.

Once a year, the International Film Festival is held in Busan. During this festival, the biggest and best-known Korean films are shown.

There is excellent street food to be found in Busan. The city has a population of 4.6 million and is described as relatively safe.

Busan also has a good score in a city assessment from the company Z/Yen. The company looked at how smart cities are, and Busan ranked first in South Korea, third in Asia, and 19th in the world out of 77 cities.


2. Jeonju

Jeonju korea

Jeonju is a medium-sized city where you can experience the food, culture and traditions of small towns in Korea.

It is known for its rural surroundings, historic medieval architecture and traditions.

In Jeonju, you will find fantastic food and many cafes offering a wide range of traditional and modern Korean food. So, there is also not much Western food to be found here.

Jeonju is chosen as a special city for its delicious food by UNESCO. It's part of a group of creative cities around the world.

The well-known dish called 비빔밥 (bi-bim-bap), a mixture of rice, vegetables, and a spicy sauce often topped with a fried egg, originates in this town.

Once a year, there is the International Sori Festival. At this festival, they celebrate musical performances from all over the world.


3. Seoul

Seoul, Korea

According to the Economist, Seoul has earned a place among the top 6 Asian cities with the best living conditions for people.

In the 2023 global liveability index by EIU, Seoul secured the 4th position, with the evaluation considering factors such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

Seoul is considered a safe place to live in and has many districts and neighbourhoods.

This city is the right fit if you want to immerse yourself in the Korean culture and centre of business.

It's a lively and innovative city, constantly adding new buildings, great nightlife, and endless food options.


4. Incheon

Incheon is located on the northwest coast of Korea. The city is seen as a less expensive alternative to Seoul.

Access to excellent transportation systems will let you go on many trips when you have free time. The presence of nearby small islands makes visiting them for day trips possible.

Incheon is part of South Korea's seven Free Economic Zones. The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) development started by reclaiming land and enhancing the nearby coastline.

Within the zone, you'll find an amusement park and various shopping and dining options, all alongside international banking and business facilities.

The city also allows you to discover its green spaces like Songdo National Park, Incheon Grand Park, and Jayu Park.


5. Jeju

Skyline of Jeju

Jeju City can be found on Jeju Island in the East China Sea. You'll find a calming atmosphere here, offering a break from big cities' busy and chaotic life.

On this island, you will have a lower cost of living because the rent is cheaper.

Jeju offers a safe reputation, pleasant weather, and sandy beaches.

You'll also find unique tourist attractions for example, the Shining Light Field Flea Market, also known as 벨롱장 (Bellongjang).

Should you get enough of the peace and want to go to the hustle and bustle, you can take several ferries to reach the mainland.



Korea offers a diverse range of cities, each with its unique appeal.

Seoul stands out for its top-notch living conditions, while Jeonju offers a glimpse of traditional Korean culture.

Busan offers beautiful natural surroundings, while Incheon provides an affordable option with easy access to green spaces.

Jeju Island offers a peaceful escape with its serene atmosphere and cost-effective living.

Whether you prefer city life or a tranquil retreat, Korea has something for everyone.

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