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Thailand: A Pattaya Real Estate Investment Guide


Nestled at the helm of the pacific and flanked by vast green forests on the side, the vibrant city of Pattaya lies 150km South East of the booming Thailand capital, Bangkok. Legend has it that in the 17th century, the ruler of Pattaya gave in to the invading army of King Phraya Tak, owing to his dignified manner. Today, the vibrant and autonomous fishing village welcomes its visitors with the same ardor. Pattaya today has been steadily transforming into a tourist destination, with many investments in attractive Thailand real estate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand and other parts of the globe were badly hit and property prices plunged. But, in 2020, the Thailand property market performed strongly and house prices rose by 3.08%. One of the contributing factors is Chinese buyers are spending more on property investment. Source: Global Residential Markets Report

To make matters easier for descriptive purposes, the region of Pattaya lies on the southern coastline of Thai mainland and has been subdivided into 7 zones. Let’s get to know about the property market of these zones.


Central Pattaya


Central Pattaya is the oldest part of the city and is the most densely populated. As such, there is little scope of acquiring Thailand real estate in this area, which can also turn out to be quite expensive. This part offers a loud and lively experience with an active nightlife and influx of young tourists. It is perfectly suited to a weekend trip to wind down and party. However, the same quality makes it the least favorite of mature investors and families.


Wongamat Beach

Thailand real estate

The most exclusive area of Pattaya, and the only one with beach front units. There is a beach flanking from both the north and the west. However, cost, low development of infrastructure, and poor availability make it an unprofitable venture for private residence. However, it is perfectly suited for business and provides the full beach experience to tourists in the short term.


Pratumnak Hill

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The second most exclusive Thailand real estate in Pattaya and enveloped in green, it is a perfect getaway for older people and families seeking the calm of nature away from modern bustle. There are excellent beach front views, as well as easy access to major city center attractions a few minutes away. Also, the availability of properties is relatively easy. It makes for a perfect middle grade investment for those seeking either leisure or business. It is also the cleanest and safest area, as a member of the Royal family is residing here.



Thailand real estate

This is the newest and up and coming part of Pattaya. It is the fastest developing part with budding Thailand real estate investments. It is also quite affordable to those on a budget, especially families with small children. Also, the modern dining areas and entertainment experiences make it a perfect holiday home spot. The resorts are aplenty in this part of the city.


Na Jomtien


The most under-developed and pristine part of Pattaya, it is perhaps best known for its Private Ocean Marina Yacht Club. It is popular among wealthy Thais who can milk both the remoteness as well as enjoy one of the best marinas in South East Asia. This is perfect for wealthy investors looking for both elite business opportunities as well as personal leisure.


East Pattaya

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A more remote, quieter part of the city, it offers affordable property rates to prospective buyers. The drawback is that foreigners are barred from directly owning any villas. However, loop-holing the system is possible and interested buyers may intermediate the process via a Thai company. Owning a means of transport greatly adds to the owner’s convenience, as the location is somewhat remote. Furthermore, it is a great choice for golf enthusiasts as it is a prime golf resort location.

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Bang Saray

A 30-minute drive away from central Pattaya, this part captures the essence of untouched Pattaya of the old. Pristine beaches with canopies of green, reminds one of the bygone days of fishermen with their nets, weaving dreams. Located at a remote place and underdeveloped to boot, the Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark on its periphery is the biggest attraction there and in Asia! Nevertheless, its potential for investment remains to be explored.


South Pattaya

This is an ideal choice for working Thais and retirees who wish to live there long-term. You can take a look here for the best places to retire in Thailand. If you are seeking to invest property in this area, you know better than us! However, it might be a little pricey.


There are already so many attractive real estate just in Pattaya itself, imagine how many in the whole of Thailand! It is no wonder why people choose this place to invest in, this is the all-in-one perfect location for all types of people to live or invest in.

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