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7 Top Real Estate Companies in Dubai



Buying a property in the UAE is not as complicated as the other Middle East countries. The real estate market in Dubai has plenty of easily accessible properties due to a good deal of quality real estate companies in Dubai, local and foreign-owned.

Let’s have a look at the seven top-class real estate companies in Dubai.

1. Haus & Haus

Founded in 2013 by three British nationals – Luke Remington, James Perry, and Simon Baker, Haus & Haus Real Estate Broker has come a long way and established itself as one of the leading property-based agencies in Dubai.

Their main goal is to provide good services to foreign nationals. With 30 years of combined experience in the property market of the UK and UAE, this company is honored with several awards. It serves in all areas in Dubai.

Haus & Haus


2. IQI Dubai

IQI Global

IQI is famous for its standards, unity, and trust it has in global residential and commercial real estate. Today, it is a leading global real estate company in Dubai and investment advisory firm that spans across 15 countries, operating in Dubai as well.

The structured and friendly approach of this company has successfully earned the trust of the clients around the world to come together in the property market of Dubai.

IQI Dubai


3. Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Allsopp is considered a must while talking about the best real estate company in Dubai. Since its establishment in 2008, they have progressed significantly, and are now considered as market leaders.

They have a ranking of being the number one company in terms of sales transfers by the Dubai Land Department. They also provide services all around Dubai.

Allsopp & Allsopp


4. Hamptons International

Hamptons International is a UK-based global real estate company, purchased by Emaar Properties in 2006. Founded in 1890, it is one of the oldest real estate agency firms in the world. You can find more than 85 branches of it around the world.

This company has a good reputation and a well-maintained track record in Dubai as well. Winning several awards is proof!

Hamptons International


5. fäm Properties

Founded in 2008, fäm Properties is one of the greatest real estate company in Dubai. Its founder and CEO, Mr. Firas Al Msaddi, is well-recognized around the world for being a real estate tycoon.

The tech-driven approach of this company is what made it unique.

fäm Properties


6. Better Homes

Better Homes LLC is another top real estate agency in the UAE under the GCC region, with several offices in different countries. Since the founder of this company is from Canada, they have multilingual staff in their management and team.

Their office in Dubai has a good reputation, with them successfully completing several mega projects with major property developers.

Better Homes

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7. Driven Properties

Founded in 2012, Driven Properties has grown to become one of the most preferable real estate company in Dubai. It launched with only one office, but later on expanded to many more offices in different places.

Driven Properties


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