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7 Most Popular Social Media Platforms to reach China buyers


China social media

It is a well-known that the great firewall in China blocks many of our channels to reach buyers. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Therefore, reaching into their people through their own social media platforms is the best way.

The best part?

You don’t have to look anywhere else; we have the 7 most popular platforms all for you right here!


1. WeChat

WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China, with 1.202.5 billion active monthly users in 2020. It is a messaging super app made by Tencent, where you can also enjoy services like online shopping, make payments, order food, interact with 10 million WeChat Official Accounts, play games and enjoy endless mini programs.


Think of it like the combination of Facebook, Whatsapp, Google News, and Pinterest.

Businesses can place advertisements in WeChat Advertising, displaying banner ads, KOL advertisements, and Moments ads on WeChat.


2. Sina Weibo


Weibo is the second most popular social media platform in China used by the people there. In 2020, the monthly active users reached a total of 523 million.

Like Twitter, you can follow and read their posts, like & share them, and upload videos, images, and gifs of your own. This is where they talk about all the breaking news happening in China!

Companies can increase engagement with their customers, through hashtags and paid advertisements. Weibo now also allows companies to sell their products on their platform.


3. Toutiao

This is an information content platform, and it actually translates to "headline" in English, which is why they are offering news and entertainment information.

With 200 million monthly active users, Toutiao has a young population of viewers between the ages of 18 to 30 years old.

They also have their very own AI, which will analyze the user's location, clicks, and browser history. The algorithm will distribute content according to the viewers' preference. Therefore, businesses should set up an official account under a Toutiaohao for the AI to disperse the information.


4. Bilibili

social media

Known as China’s YouTube, Bilibili is a popular social media platform popular among the youth, with 172.4 million active users per month. Its content is mainly animation, comic, and games (ACG).

Users can upload, watch and add overlay commentary on the videos they upload. Other than that, businesses can place their ads on the website (but not pop-up ads in the videos itself).


5. Xiao Hong Shu

This is a user-generated social media and e-commerce platform with 85 million monthly active users, and is one of the most popular platforms in the female demographic among the Gen-Z.

Xiao Hong Shu

Xiao Hong Shu’s layout is like Pinterest, where you can see the product’s pictures and shop for them. Users can post reviews, join discussions, post their own content, search for popular brands based on categories, and products from a specific brand.

The platform’s content focuses on brands in the fashion, beauty, and cosmetics industries. KOLs can increase their sales through the content that they create, and it is a very effective advertising method for foreign brands.


6. Zhihu

China social media

Just like Quora, Zhihu is a social media platform which focuses on Q&A, and has a very high ranking in the search engines, which means they are very trustable. They have 34 million active users per day!

Advertising may not be the strongest aspect in Zhihu, but it can definitely increase your brand awareness. Starting a conversation about your brand, answering questions, linking your website, and promoting through KOLs can be very helpful to your brand presence.


7. Douyin

China social media

Douyin is a video platform, famous for their short videos of dances and challenges. In 2018, it created a worldwide impact, along with their counterpart TikTok.  In China itself, Douyin has over 518 million monthly active users.

Businesses can post advertisements and create their own relevant content on Douyin, and even work with KOLs to create awareness or product promotions.

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