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Top 5 Most Popular Areas to Invest and Rent a Villa in Bali



Are you looking for a destination to invest in? If yes, Bali is, without a doubt, a suitable and strategic place for you to do so.

Oftentimes regarded as the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is a dream place for any tourist to explore natural wonders alongside their unique culture and wonderful hospitality.

Taking opinion from the experts, the five most popular areas for both investing and renting a villa are chosen below—




The town of Ubud, in the uplands of Bali, represents Bali in a real sense. This place is surrounded by natural amazements – from rice paddies to rivers.

Whether you want to invest in property here for retirement reasons or to relax for some days escaping the monotonous lifestyle by living in aesthetic villas, Ubud is perfect for all.

In recent years, it has become one of the most visited regions because of its serenity.

The majority of the luxury villas of Ubud are found on a cliff-side with a view of the river, paddies, or jungle. Prices may seem affordable as well.




Mostly known for the dolphins and black sandy beaches, Lovina is a beautiful place in Bali and has a place in the list of popular places to stay. It will take around a three-hour drive from the south of Bali to Lovina.

This region offers a decent range of hotels, cafes, and restaurants with famous seafood. The magnificent nightlife of this place is another reason for the visitors to find bliss.

Therefore, it is an area to look for investments in North Bali.




Canggu surely holds a demandable place to stay in Bali, especially for investment in properties. This is because the property prices' value has risen really better in a short span of time.

New hotels and villas are being built now and then, which arguably indicate the return of the investors’ money’s value.

Choices are abundant for accommodations, restaurants, and spectacular beaches in Canggu. People staying here can even get an unforgettable surfing experience in its surf-friendly clear water.

It is heavenly for those who crave a beach holiday lifestyle since most of the luxurious Bali villas here are located near the beaches with beach-views.




Sanur is a comparatively quieter area with peaceful beaches, a tourist-friendly neighbourhood, and less traffic. Both modern and traditional villas and hotels here are within walking distance of mostly ten minutes from the beach in this place.

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Kuta is one of the main tourist attractions in Bali. Villas and resorts with a complete Bali vibe, appealing cafés and bistros, surfing-friendly beaches, eye-catching sunset, and what not are provided here that a tourist entails.

Hence, it is a 24/7 town and remains busy, although South Kuta can be noticed crowd-less.


When it comes to investing in Bali, investors mostly consider views, transportation, and neighbourhood. The rest depends on the taste.

Live and invest in the Land of the Gods. Serenity, peace, and beautiful nature - Bali will forever be one's dream home.

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