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How has COVID-19 affected Vietnam's travel restrictions?


Travel restrictions have been constant in Vietnam throughout the year 2020 for limiting the spread of Covid-19. It has not changed even in 2021 since the country has imposed several travel restrictions on those entering here in response to the new outbreak in January.


Vietnam's travel restrictions due to COVID-19

The Vietnamese government had officially declared COVID-19 as an epidemic. Hence, travelers are bound to maintain restrictions and comply with the Vietnam Ministry of Health and the Tourism Ministry's advisories.

People who want to travel to Vietnam should be aware of the latest limitations set up currently. An outline of new policies related to travel and health precautions are given below.


Here are the Basic Precautions for travelers;

Several quarantine levels are observed in Vietnam – self-quarantine in homes or hotels, quarantine in health establishments, and quarantine in non-medical establishments. Regular check-ups are done on them by health authorities.


Travelers with symptoms of Covid-19 or those who are doubtful to have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus should call the health hotline: 1900 3228.


Visa exemptions and policies for travelers to Vietnam

Individuals eligible for Vietnam visa exemptions: Foreign experts or travelers for official or diplomatic purposes
Criteria: Medical checks & quarantine at their own cost upon arrival

Individuals eligible for Vietnam visa extensions:
1. Foreigners who entered Vietnam, e-visas or tourism visas
2. Foreigners who have gone through quarantine or treatment for Covid-19 in Vietnam
Automatic visa extension period: Mar. 1 - 31, 2021.

*From February 1, 2021, anyone entering Vietnam must undergo medical checks and 21-day quarantine upon arrival until further notice.

Vietnam's Immigration Department’s contact number is 024 3938 7320. Those who have inquiries regarding traveling can get information by calling this number.


Restrictions regarding tourism sites

Several locations in Vietnam are temporarily isolated by the health officials that are considered as high-risk for contagion. Some tourism attractions in the country are currently open, although they have to ensure that safety measures are in place for all visitors. From April 23, tourism sites in the country can reopen for all visitors by providing safety measures.

Basically, the effect of Covid-19 is clearly visible through travel restrictions imposed on several sectors of Vietnam. However, the Vietnamese work together and follow the government and health officials' directions to overcome the pandemic crisis. By maintaining the rules of social distancing, they keep the spread of the infectious virus under control.

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