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All You Need to Know about Indonesia’s Population


Indonesia population

Apart from beautiful tourist attractions, do you know what the most talked-about topic about Indonesia is? You must surely know about the incredible Indonesia population!

Extended over a large area with thousands of islands between Asia and Australia, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-largest country in terms of population size.

Most Populous Nation Statistics

Source: statistica

It has the largest Muslim population in the world, along with hundreds of different ethnic varieties.


Indonesia's Population

According to the latest report based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, Indonesia has an astounding amount of totalling more than 275 million individuals!

Half of this population belongs to two major ethnic groups, Javanese and Sundanese.


Did You Know?

  • The population of Indonesia is equivalent to 3.51% of the total world population.
  • The population density in Indonesia is 151 per Km2 (391 people per mi2).


Indonesia's Population Growth

The National Family Planning Coordinating Board (NFPCB), a government institution, supports Indonesia's family planning. President Suharto introduced the first effective family program in 1968!

Looking back 20 years from the World Bank data, Indonesia's annual national population growth is at an average of 1.49%. It is the highest in the province of Papua and the lowest in Central Java! It then became at 1.2% in 2015.

Indonesia's population is supposed to exceed 285 million by 2035 and 290 million by 2045, as per the United Nations (UN) study earlier.

The size of this growth may decline after the year 2050.


Most Populous Provinces

West Java, East Java, Central Java, North Sumatra, and Banten (Java) are the top populous Indonesia provinces.

The following table has the data of Statistics Indonesia Population Census 2000 & 2010 (in millions).

Indonesia Population Census Statistics 2000 & 2010

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Rural VS Urban Population

According to World Bank research, Indonesia's rural areas are more populous than its urban parts.

However, the scene had changed since the year 2010 when more people started heading towards the country's urban side.

Rural VS Urban Population Statistics 1995 - 2015

At this moment, the urban population is greater than the rural population. Furthermore, the UN has predicted that the city population's percentage will be double the number of the rural population in 2050.


Now you know more about the astounding Indonesia population, you must surely know that with many people comes more job opportunities and the need for homes.

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