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How do I apply for a long-term residence visa in Thailand?


There are several ways to obtain a long-term residence visa in Thailand:


1. Work permit (with 1-year business visa)
When you come to Thailand with a tourist visa, you can first switch to a 3-month business visa. Then you can generally have a professional lawyer from the Thai company you work at or the Thai company you registered, apply for you a work permit + 1-year business visa + 1-year return visa, and then renew the visa every year.
Pros: Legal eligibility for permanent residence in Thailand after five years of taxation.
Cons: Cumbersome process and long cycle time. Costs are high and are subject to taxation and social security by law.


2. Student visa
Method 1: Enroll in a Thai university, take a few courses, pay the tuition, and the school can help with a one-year student visa for 1900 baht a year.
Method 2: Get some local Thai language schools to apply for you.
Pros: Fast, easy, and inexpensive way to get a long-term Thai driver's license.
Cons: None


3. Retirement visa
The conditions for obtaining a "retirement resident visa" are:
One is over 50 years of age and is required to remit money from abroad to Thailand with a fixed deposit of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account for more than three months (sometimes the immigration office will also require proof of remittance from abroad to Thailand) before applying to the immigration office for a change to a residence visa. Usually, three months is granted for the first time, and then it can be renewed year after year. Nowadays, there are some travel agencies that can handle this for you. You only have to provide your passport, photo, and open an account at the bank, and they will do the rest.
Note: All the above are one-year visas, which can be extended for another year. Every 90 days you stay in Thailand without leaving the country, you need to report to the Immigration Department (you can mail your passport and visa to the Immigration Department). And then you can apply for a Re-Entry Visa for multiple round trips in one year at 3800 baht.
Pros: Fast, easy, and inexpensive way to get a long-term Thai driver's license.
Cons: Age limit (50 years and above)

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