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How much does it cost to buy a property in Indonesia?


Indonesia Property Prices

Indonesia, a captivating archipelago nation boasting a population of over 279 million, is emerging as a hot spot for property investment.

This Southeast Asian giant's economy is projected to be one of the world's fastest-growing, with a GDP exceeding $1.3 trillion USD in 2023.  

Fueled by this solid economic climate and a large and growing affluent population, Indonesia's real estate market is experiencing a surge in demand, making it an attractive proposition for investors. 

Indonesia Property Prices: Average Prices in Popular Cities

1. Jakarta

Indonesia Property Prices

Indonesia's bustling capital, Jakarta, holds the title of both the most populous city and the commercial heart of the nation.  

This dynamic metropolis attracts foreign investors with its competitive market but be prepared - property prices here are the highest in Indonesia, exceedingly even the popular resort island of Bali. 

Property Prices in Jakarta:

Property Type Average Price
Condos 2.5 billion IDR ($156,000 USD) 
Townhouse 5 billion IDR ($310,000 USD) 
House  3 billion IDR ($187,000 USD) 

2. Bali

Indonesia Property Prices

In 2023, Bali has welcomed around 5 million foreign visitors, representing an increase of 144.61% compared to the year before. 

Bali is a great place to visit, but did you know it's also a good spot for foreign investors to buy property?  

The Indonesian government even made it easier to start a business there by loosening up the rules and making it simpler to get permits. 

Property Prices in Bali:

Property Type Average Price
Small Villa 2 billion IDR ($124,000 USD)
Larger Villa  10 billion IDR ($621,000 USD) 
Beachfront Villa  10 - 25 billion IDR ($621,000 USD - $1,554,000 USD)

3. Bandung

Bandung next to Jakarta, is a hotbed for tech. The local government is all about helping new tech companies succeed.  

They've got super-fast internet and special deals for tech businesses, plus a population that loves technology.  

Bandung could be the perfect place to launch your dream tech company! 

Property Prices in Bandung:

Property Type Average Price
Condos 1 billion IDR ($62,000 USD)
Townhouse 2.5 billion IDR ($156,000 USD) 
House  1.5 billion IDR ($93,000 USD)

4. Surabaya

Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, is a major port city and industrial center. Surabaya's property prices are generally lower than Jakarta but can vary depending on location and property type.

Property Prices in Surabaya:

Property Type Average Price
Condos 500 million IDR ($31,000 USD) 
Townhouse 1 billion IDR ($62,000 USD) 
House  800 million IDR ($50,000 USD) 

Factors to affect Indonesia Property Prices 

Entering the Indonesian property market can be exciting, but understanding what shapes the price is crucial for making informed decisions.  

Here's a breakdown of the four main factors that significantly influence Indonesian property prices: 

1. Location 

This is often the single biggest determinant. Prime areas in major cities like Jakarta or tourist destinations like Bali will command a much higher price tag compared to properties in remote areas.  

Proximity to desirable features like good schools, transportation hubs, shopping centers, and green spaces also significantly impacts value. 

2. Building Age 

Brand new properties generally cost more than older ones.  

However, historic buildings or those with unique architectural styles can be exceptions, especially if well-maintained. 

Indonesia Property Prices

3. Amenities 

Properties boasting desirable amenities like swimming pools, well-equipped gyms, robust security features, landscaped gardens, or dedicated parking spaces will naturally be more expensive than those lacking such features.  

These amenities enhance the overall living experience, offering convenience, security, and a sense of community, all of which contribute to a property's value. 

4. Land Size 

In Indonesia, particularly in major cities, land is a precious resource. Larger plots with ample space for gardens, additional buildings, or private pools will naturally cost more than smaller ones.  

The ability to personalize one's living space and potentially expand in the future adds significant value for many buyers. 

Indonesia Property Prices

Indonesia's house prices are influenced by various factors, making it essential for stakeholders to stay informed. With its growing economy and development, Indonesia remains an attractive place to invest in real estate.

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